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BCIT researchers have expertise in a wide variety of areas/fields. This includes full time researchers in the MAKE+, NRG, and SMART research groups, faculty conducting research in our Schools, and students working on research projects as part of their programs. If you have a technical question or problem, or a potential project in mind, ask a BCIT research expert for help.

BCIT Library maintains the cIRcuit Institutional Repository, a collection of databases containing BCIT theses, Journal of Environmental Health, Student projects, Faculty publications, research data and detailed research profiles of BCIT faculty, instructors and researchers. “cIRcuit profile”s below come from this repository.

  • Dr. Colleen Chan

    • Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies
    • Environmental Sustainability
  • Dr. Amir Dehkhoda

    • Development and characterization of renewable carbon material from woody biomass
    • Preparing and analysis of renewable carbon material as electrochemical energy storage devices for smart wearables
    • Investigating biochar for adsorption-specific applications (water and wastewater treatment)
  • Dr. Deirdre Lynch

    • Thermochemical conversion of biomass to bioenergy, including fluidised bed combustion of poultry litter
    • Ash characterisation including leaching, agglomeration and deposition behaviour
    • Characterisation of biochar with respect to its adsorption capacity and use in wastewater treatment

To reach any of our experts by phone, fax or mail, please see our general contact info page.