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New Sustainability Category added to 2022 Student Innovation Challenge!

After more than two decades in supporting students in thinking outside-the-box and turning their sustainability innovations into reality, BCIT School of Construction and the Environment alumnus Donald Yen is contributing $15,000 to award student winners over the next three years to support the BCIT Student Innovation Challenge.


Are you an innovator, entrepreneur, visionary?
Working on a great capstone or class project?
Have your own invention or business idea?

BCIT’s Student Innovation Challenge is an annual contest aimed at providing support and funding to BCIT students who have “bright ideas”. The goal of the Challenge is to create an inclusive space for innovation, encouraging students to turn their bright ideas into prototypes, business plans, or commercial products.

The Challenge has 3 Categories:

  • Entrepreneurship (Innovative ideas, entrepreneurship, and commercial products)
  • Applied Research (Innovative project solving a real world problem)
  • Sustainability (Innovative idea or project contributing to sustainability)

Cash prizes in each category are:

    • 1st Prize – $5,000
    • 2nd Prize – $1,500
    • 3rd Prize – $500

Learn more about the categories and how to apply.

We are happy to help. If you have any questions, please send a note to

Jones Baby & Company: Hassle-free, Canadian-made children clothing

Jones Baby and Company
Max Jones (R) and Chelsea Reed (L) with their models

Jones Baby & Company is a niche kids clothing company specializing in the creation of Canadian made comfortable and durable clothing. Functional rompers that make childhood more fun and parenthood more enjoyable, no buttons, zippers, or snaps, ultra-smooth, child-safe, extremely stretchy, and so simple that a child can independently dress themselves.

The Student Innovation Challenge was one of the coolest experiences that I could have ever asked for in terms of personal growth,says Maxwell Jones, Owner of Jones Baby & Company and 2019 Student Innovation Challenge winner. I’m so glad to be part of a school that supports their students and wants to see them succeed. If you have an idea or you’re already fully submerged into a business that you’ve started, definitely submit an entry.