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Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team (SMART)

The Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team (SMART), has established a reputation for our unique expertise in the strategic research area of the Smart Microgrid.

The Smart Microgrid Program at BCIT advances the state of the electric power Smart Grid at national and international levels, working to:

  • Chart a “path from lab to field” for cost-effective technologies and solutions for Canada’s evolving smart electricity grid
  • Provide opportunities for electrical utility companies, technology providers and researchers to work together to develop architectures, protocols, configurations and models of the evolving Smart Grid
  • Enable Canadian researchers to develop and validate technologies required to meet Canada‚Äôs priorities for co-generation, efficient transmission and distribution of electricity, load control, demand response, advanced metering and integration of clean energy sources into the existing and future grids.

With a successful 10-year track record in Smart Grid R&D, BCIT is now working with various Canadian and international partners and clients in the following areas and capacities:

  • Consulting Services
  • Educational and Training Services
  • Solution Design and Implementation
  • Testing and Validation

Powering communities

For more information about how to adopt these technologies in your community, contact:

Vidya Vankayala
Director, Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team (SMART)

If you have a specific project inquiry, please use our Project Inquiry form.

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