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Entrance Requirements

At BCIT, entrance requirements are program-specific. After reviewing your program’s requirements, use these pages to:

  1. Determine if your previous studies and/or experience help meet the requirements
  2. Understand your options for upgrading and assessment testing
  3. Find out if you are eligible to receive transfer credit for prior education and knowledge
  4. Make sure your study permit is submitted on time

English requirements

  • BCIT has set English proficiency standards to help you succeed; find out how to prove your English proficiency


  • View our equivalency guides to see if your Canadian high school, international high school, or post-secondary courses can be used to meet BCIT’s entrance requirements

Using Your Midterm Grades

  • If you are still working on completing a required course, many programs will allow you to apply using your midterm grades

Credential Evaluation

  • Formal, for-credit education completed in other provinces and countries can be evaluated to determine comparable levels in British Columbian and Canadian terms

Assessment testing

  • Find out if you have the knowledge and skill required for entrance into a BCIT program by taking a BCIT assessment test


  • Take an upgrading course or program to improve your knowledge and skill in the areas required for your program

Transfer credit

  • Find out whether you qualify to receive credit for courses you’ve taken or to be assessed for existing knowledge and skills acquired elsewhere

Study permit requirements

  • Don’t miss any deadlines; know how and when to submit your study permit to BCIT