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Transfer credit database

You’ve worked hard for what you’ve accomplished and you should get credit for it. Find out if the credit from a course you’ve completed at another academic institution is transferable to BCIT. Search for a course using our database:

We are currently reviewing and updating our transfer credit database. Information is subject to change.

If you would like to receive transfer credit toward a credential with BCIT, we will perform a transfer credit evaluation. All information contained in our equivalency database reflects the current BCIT requirements and is subject to change. When using the database, enter your information directly from an official transcript to avoid discrepancies between the equivalency database and the institute’s official transfer credit evaluation.

If you do not see a desired BCIT equivalency, you can still apply for credit as new equivalencies are continually approved. Be sure to include a detailed course outline or syllabus and official transcript with your application.

Did you know the knowledge and skills that you have acquired outside of a recognized program—through volunteer work, your hobbies, on-the-job experience or independent study—may qualify for credit at BCIT? Find out more about Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition.

Applying for transfer credit

Depending on your program of study, BCIT has several options for assessing and granting transfer credit: