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How international tuition is calculated

International tuition is a total of domestic (base) tuition and international differential. International differential is set by a fixed proportion and may vary by programs and courses.

International tuition is higher than domestic because it is set to recover the full costs of instruction, both direct and indirect. While domestic tuition is subject to the Ministry’s Tuition Limit Policy, this international differential is not. Each year BC post-secondary institutions may raise domestic tuition by 2 per cent while the international differential can experience a different percentage increase.

Annual international tuition increase

The BCIT Board of Governors are responsible for approving tuition and fee increases each year as part of the budget. In Spring each year, BCIT posts the new rates that take effect for the upcoming academic year.

International fees transparency

BCIT is committed to publishing four years of IDF increases to help international students plan their educational costs. The rates provided below are estimates to assist with budgeting purposes only.

Academic Year International Differential Increase
2024/25 6% increase
2025/26 up to 7% increase
2026/27 up to 7% increase
2027/28 up to 7% increase

Tuition for full-time programs

Tuition for full-time programs varies depending on the year you enter your selected program.

You can view or print the estimate cost of your chosen full-time program for the academic year 2023/24 using the Tuition Estimator tool; see estimated tuition and fees for the entire program, and broken down by term.

Below table shows an estimate of international tuition and mandatory fees for future years using sample programs and courses:


2025/26 2026/27
Field of Study Program/Course Estimated Cost* Percentage Increase Estimated Cost* Percentage Increase
Business & Media Business Diploma (General) $46,570 5.6% $49,240 5.7%
Computing & IT Computing & IT Diploma (General) $50,060 5.5% $52,840 5.6%
Computing & IT Computer Science Degree $61,090 5.6% $64,540 5.7%
Digital Arts, Media & Design New Media Design & Web Development Diploma $47,150 4.8% $49,440 4.9%
Engineering Engineering Diploma (General) $48,650 5.6% $51,390 5.6%
Work Integrated Learning General (Internships, Co-op, etc) $700 2.9% $724 2.9%
Flexible Learning COMM1103 (3 credits)



3.27 times of base tuition $1,820 3.43 times of base tuition

*Estimates are for budgeting purposes only, rounded off to the nearest dollar and are subject to change.


Visit the International Student Centre for international student support.