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The Board of Governors oversees the business interests, management, and long-term development of BCIT.

As the link between the Institute’s Senior Leadership and British Columbia’s government, the Board of Governors interprets how BCIT implements provincial policies and priorities.

Much of the Board’s business is initially considered by one of its committees.


Governors are stewards of the Institute. The Board’s focus is primarily long term and it is actively involved in strategic planning, prioritization of objectives, succession planning and risk management.

The Board has the responsibility to:

  • oversee the conduct of business and supervise management
  • endeavour to ensure that all major issues affecting the business and affairs of the Institute are given proper consideration
  • collectively provide their best judgment, independent of management, ensuring effective achievement and advancement of the public policy objectives for the Institute set by government.

The Board interprets the provincial government’s requirements and objectives to the Senior Team and reports to the Province on its stewardship of the Institute’s resources. The Board is accountable to the Province and the public for the achievement of the public policy objectives of the Institute set by the government.

The Board operates according to a series of established bylaws.

Selection process

The Board of Governors is made up of a range of elected and appointed individuals, representing different interests in the institution, including:

  • at least eight members appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council
  • one peer-elected faculty member (3 year term)
  • one peer-elected support staff member (3 year term)
  • two peer-elected students (1 year term).

There are also several non-voting Board members, including the President of BCIT, the Chair of the Education Council, and the Chair of the Board of Governors.

Members of the board

Order in Council members

BCIT elected members

Board Committees

The Board of Governors established the following Committees to manage different aspects of Board business:

  • Executive Committee
  • Audit & Finance Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Nominations Committee

Other groups that advise the Board include the Tributes Committee, Program Advisory Committee and Research Ethics Review Board.

Related entities:

  • BCIT Foundation
  • BCIT Campaign Cabinet
  • BCIT Alumni Association
  • Technology Training Associates Ltd (TTA) Board

Meetings & minutes

Open Board meetings are accessible to all. To make a presentation at an open Board meeting, please send a written request to the Executive Assistant, Governance, at least ten days before the meeting and include a brief description of the issue. The Chair and President will consider all requests, those approved will be added to the agenda for an upcoming open meeting. View the 2021 Board of Governors calendar. Open meeting material may also be requested by contacting the Executive Assistant, Governance.

Upcoming meetings

  • Tuesday December 7, 2021, 1:00 p.m.

Previous meeting agendas and minutes