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Education Plan 2019–22

The world around BCIT is evolving rapidly and the future of work is changing. The Education Plan brings forward new ideas and non-traditional solutions that will help BCIT lead the way — well beyond 2022.

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Our Foundation for Differentiation

To remain relevant and unique, our core objectives in the Education Plan are to amplify and embed our emphasis on interdisciplinarity, flexibility, and responsiveness.

  • Interdisciplinarity – as the world becomes more complex, new discoveries increasingly occur at the interface of traditional fields and our graduates are expected to work confidently on multidisciplinary projects and teams.
  • Flexibility – as students increasingly require flexibility in how they study, we will respond by providing a comprehensive spectrum of education models that enable greater choice.
  • Responsiveness – as complex problems and solutions continue to be redefined, addressing them well requires close collaboration with our partners, so that we remain in step with the changing world around us.
Photo of Jennifer Figner smiling at the camera.

“BCIT’s Education Council is excited to provide academic guardianship as we advance this bold plan; ensuring that we effectively balance the ability to adapt and retain our commitment to quality in all that we do.”

Jennifer Figner, Chair, BCIT Education Council

Our Channels

The Education Plan outlines three key channels through which we will pursue our objectives of interdisciplinarity, flexibility, and responsiveness:

  1. Interdisciplinary programming. We will infuse interdisciplinary thinking and approaches into new and existing courses and credentials.
  2. Open multidisciplinary credentials. We will leverage our flexible studies portfolio of offerings as the foundation for multidisciplinary and customizable credentials.
  3. Centres of competence. We will establish interdisciplinary activity hubs that bring together partners to deepen shared expertise and develop methodologies to address emerging fields.

There’s more to explore

Agile learning

Crafting a palette of industry solutions, including Flexible Learning, open multidisciplinary credentials, and work-integrated learning to provide flexibility to our learners.

Agile Learning [PDF]
Agile Learning update [PDF]
Microcredentials [PDF]

Strategic Plan

The Education Plan operates in conjunction with the Strategic Plan – our overall vision, commitments and bridge to the future for BCIT.

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