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The College and Institute Act establishes an Education Council comprised of elected faculty, support staff and students, and appointed educational administrators. The legislation also requires the election of faculty, support staff, and student members to the Board of Governors.

The Registrar conducts the Board of Governors and Education Council elections.
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Elected positions – Board of Governors

  • One (1) faculty member elected by the faculty members, with a three (3) year term.
  • One (1) support staff member elected by the support staff, with a three (3) year term.
  • Two (2) student representatives, elected by students, each with a one (1) year term.

Elected positions – Education Council

The Education Council is composed of twenty (20) voting members as follows:

  • four (4) educational administrators, each with a term of two (2) years, appointed by the President
  • two (2) support staff, each with a term of two (2) years, allocated to support staff employed as members of the BCGEU, Local 59 (Support Staff Unit)
  • four (4) students, each with a one (1) year term
  • ten (10) faculty members, each with a term of two (2) years.

Election procedures

For any questions regarding this election, please contact the Registrar.

Information for representatives

Additional information for representatives interested in holding a seat on the Board of Governors or Education Council.