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Community is at the heart of what makes BCIT so unique. Whether you’re an alumni, student, donor, award-winner, parent, family member or just a visitor to our campus, we extend a welcoming hand to you.


BCIT alumni are everywhere, conquering today’s complex world, and developing new solutions to build a better tomorrow. This is why BCIT alumni—now 185,000 strong—are highly sought by employers across British Columbia, Canada, and beyond.

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The generosity from our community has the power to change lives. With your support, we can give our students a way forward through life-changing bursaries, scholarships, and awards. We can also invest in BCIT to ensure our graduates have the skills they need to tackle the world’s complex challenges. Together, we can cultivate the creators, leaders, and innovators of tomorrow.

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Retirees' Association

The BCIT Retirees’ Association is a vibrant group dedicated to maintaining a connection to BCIT and the people within it. One of the Association’s primary aims is to support BCIT students through the BCITRA Endowment Fund. It also organizes social activities, events, and workshops, and shares updates at its annual general meeting.

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With help from our community, we are transforming the BCIT campus into a dynamic new learning environment. Only as a community can we equip our students for success in tomorrow's world.

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BCIT takes pride in honouring leaders within our community. Through a number of awards programs we honour our outstanding staff, alumni, and distinctive individuals. These awards highlight recipients’ significant achievements and contributions to the Institute, the community, or their field of expertise.

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