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Our Schools

BCIT delivers programs and courses to nearly 50,000 students through our six Schools. Our faculty also work closely with industry, delivering training, providing expert advice and helping to bring ideas to market. Learn more about industry services at BCIT or reach out to our Schools through their websites.

School of Business + Media

One of the largest in Western Canada, our School of Business + Media offers more than 30 full-time and 90 part-time programs. Graduates have the knowledge and hands-on experience to tackle challenging business scenarios across different industries. Our highly specific programs set students up for successful careers—including in General Insurance and Risk Management, Business Analytics and Business Administration, Digital Arts, and Broadcast & Media Communications.

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School of Computing and Academic Studies

The School of Computing and Academic Studies prepares students for the future. Our three areas offer a wide range of courses, and equip students with some of the most in-demand skills.

  • BCIT’s Computing programs prepare students for careers in tech, with over 30 different applied programs, well-recognized credentials, and a reputation for job-ready graduates.
  • Forensic Science and Technology has a comprehensive program offering, including in fast-growing sectors such as cyber security and digital forensics.
  • Academic Studies provides courses in a variety of core subjects—from Chemistry to Communications. It also offers academic upgrading options and English language support.
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School of Construction and the Environment

We’re dedicated to a sustainable future. As the leading contributor of trades, engineering and applied and natural sciences professionals in the province, we’re concerned with the natural environment and the built environment—and the relationship between the two.

Our trades programs train students in the prerequisite skills for in-demand construction careers, from carpentry to metal fabrication and plumbing. Our advanced courses focus on sustaining the natural environment as a core construction principle.

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School of Energy

With 45 hands-on programs to choose from, graduates of the School of Energy go on to support the technical industrial sector as electrical, chemical and mechanical engineers, industrial tradespeople, and technical writers.

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School of Health Sciences

We offer a depth and breadth of health education unmatched by other post-secondary institutions. Our 32 programs range from radiation therapy and prosthetics and orthotics to specialty nursing.

Students get a fresh perspective on the health industry through our preventative medicine programs in Food Technology, Environment Health, and Occupational Health and Safety.

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School of Transportation

We are the only post-secondary institution in North America delivering globally recognized accreditation in transportation by air, sea, road, and rail. Our Airline and Flight Operations commercial pilot program is the fastest route to a diploma and a commercial pilot’s licence, and many of our programs feature state-of-the-art training technology—from our fleet of 20 aircraft, to a certified industrial railway, and realistic simulators for marine bridge and engine room scenarios.

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