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Congratulations on choosing and getting accepted into BCIT. Paying for your schooling is the next step. BCIT provides a variety ways to assist you in paying for both full-time and part-time tuition and fees.

Student Financial Aid and Awards Office

How we can help

If you need help with your tuition and fees, our Student Financial Aid and Awards Office can give you guidance in various areas. We can help you with:

  • Learning how to obtain your money after you’ve applied for government-issued financial assistance
  • Emergency funding
  • Information on how to postpone a fee payment or deadline (Fee Deferrals)
  • Application information for Entrance Awards, Bursaries, Scholarships, and other Awards offered by BCIT
  • Part-time non-repayable forms of student financial assistance
  • Financial plans that matches your educational needs and goals
  • Assistance in dealing with governmental agencies relating to student financial assistance
  • Information about how to keep your past loans in good standing
  • Finding other sources of non-repayable forms of funding

Contact Student Financial Aid and Awards

Get in touch with the Student Financial Aid and Awards Office to learn more about how we can help you on your journey to BCIT.

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