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Admission Equivalencies


In place of the high school entrance requirement, BCIT may accept 3.0 credits of post-secondary education from a recognized institute in the same subject area.

  • The course must be at the first year (i.e. 100-level or 1000-level) or higher.
  • The percentage grade for the post-secondary course must be at or above the percentage listed in the entrance requirements for your program.
    • For example, if your program requires Physics 12 with 67%, you can apply with 67% or higher in Physics 100 (a 3.0 credit post-secondary physics course).

The 3.0 credits is based on a standard course that is part of a four-year, 120 credit bachelor’s degree. Credit calculations may vary by post-secondary institution. Generally, an acceptable course is three hours of lecture per week for one 12 – 15 week term (i.e. 36 – 45 hours of instruction).

Note: If you have completed an upgrading course at a post-secondary institution, contact Program Advising to determine if the course will be acceptable to meet your program’s entrance requirements. You may be required to submit a detailed course outline. Upgrading courses are at the high school level (i.e. equivalent to a Grade 11 or Grade 12 course), and are usually 0-level and 0.0 credits.

Course equivalencies

BCIT Requirement Post-Secondary Equivalency
English: Grade 11 or 12 level 3.0 credits of English, humanities or social sciences

  • Language of instruction must be English and the post-secondary institution must be in an English-speaking country
Math: Grade 10, 11 or 12 level

  • All programs
3.0 credits of linear algebra, pre-calculus or calculus

  • Statistics is not acceptable
Math: Grade 11 level

  • School of Business programs only
3.0 credits of business math and 3.0 credits of statistics (e.g., OPMT 1110 and OPMT 1197)
Life Sciences 11 3.0 credits of biology

Anatomy and Physiology 12 3.0 credits of human biology

Chemistry 11
Chemistry 12
3.0 credits of chemistry
Physics 11
Physics 12
3.0 credits of physics

Grade equivalencies

Percentage required by BCIT
(50% pass scale)
Acceptable percentage from post-secondary
(50% pass scale)
Acceptable course GPA from post-secondary
(if percentage is not available)
Acceptable letter grade from post-secondary
(if percentage and GPA are not available)
86% 86% 4.00 A
73% 73% 3.00 B
67% 67% 2.33 C+
60% 60% 2.00 C
50% 50% 1.00 C- (Pass)


Acceptable subjects and topics