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If you plan to complete a program offered through Flexible Learning, you need to declare your program. Flexible Learning programs are offered on a course-by-course basis, allowing you to work towards a credential at a pace that’s right for you.

Step 1: Choose your program

Browse part-time programs to find one that fits your goals.

Step 2: Check recommendations for success

BCIT Flexible Learning programs don’t have entrance requirements, but certain courses, skills, or knowledge may help you to succeed. Check your program’s Entrance Requirements page to see what’s recommended.

If your program doesn’t specify a level of English, English 12 or equivalent is strongly recommended.

Learn more about meeting BCIT’s English requirements

Step 3: Review the course prerequisites

Many courses have prerequisites listed in the course description. Visit your program’s Courses page to review course prerequisites.

Before registering in a course, it is your responsibility to ensure you have completed the prerequisites or their equivalents.

Step 4: Submit a program declaration

Declare your Flexible Learning program online using the BCIT Secure Information System:

  1. Create or search for your BCIT ID.
  2. Follow the instructions to select and declare your program.
  3. Pay the declaration fee online by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Step 5: Receive notification

Upon approval, a program plan will be sent to you confirming your program of study. Program declaration requests take approximately eight weeks to process.