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Photo of researcher holding sample vials.

Applied Research serves a vital function of linking BCIT’s diploma and degree programs with applied training opportunities. We have forged strong partnerships with university collaborators and continue to encourage training opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. BCIT’s Natural Health and Food Products Research Group (NRG) has provided training for 100s of students including: undergraduate students, cooperative education students, students conducting industry projects, graduate students, and  post-doctoral fellows.

Because specialized training in the chemistry and analysis of natural health products is not currently available from any academic institution in Canada, the instruction and mentorship that NRG provides to students is paramount to their on-going success in this field.

Graduate internships

Our ongoing graduate internships are partially funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Career Focus Program and Environment Canada’s Science Horizon Program. Interns participate in challenging NRG projects through hands-on technical work and project documentation. They are involved in the development and execution of methods for the analysis of raw materials and medicinal preparations, as well as the dissemination of project results.

Industry projects

BCIT’s Food Technology Students are required to complete an industry project during their final term of study. With direction from an industry sponsor, each student must conduct a literature review, develop detailed methodology, write progress reports, and disseminate their results through a final oral presentation and technical report. NRG researchers help supervise students throughout this process when projects require the use of advanced analytical equipment and methodology.