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Dog Mobility Device

BCIT MAKE+ researchers’ reputation prompted business owner Ann-Marie Fleming, Founder and CEO of Dog Quality, to partner with MAKE+ to design a mobility device to improve the quality of life for senior dogs.



The BCIT Rehabilitation Engineering Design Lab (REDLab) has designed a prototype of the AAPLEwalk™, a revolutionary it-to-stand exercise machine for people with mobility impairments.


Quantum Sensor Electronics

Matt Greig, MAKE+ Research Associate, has been instrumental in the development of the electronics associated with a self-calibrating quantum sensor based on single atoms being developed by BCIT researcher and physics instructor Dr. James Booth. Matt, a BCIT electronics diploma grad, is now working on his PhD at SFU.


Healthcare Company Prototypes

For more than a decade MAKE+ has logged many research hours and more than $185,000 worth of projects building 5 prototypes for a large US-based Healthcare Company worth $699 million. The human factor expertise of MAKE+ was of great interest to this client.



BCIT researcher Dr. Jaimie Borisoff, Canada Research Chair in Rehabilitation Engineering Design and ICORD Principal Investigator recently collaborated with ICORD researchers from SFU and UBC to develop a rowing ergometer for people with disabilities, the AROW – Adapted Rowing Machine.


Innovative Medicine Distribution System

MAKE+ Research Associate Lisa Boulton used a front-end design research approach to help Wendepunkt Medical Innovations solve the complex problem of the design and development of a solution for medicine and supply shortages in Uganda.


Responding to COVID 19

A COVID-19 Face Shield Design Guidance Document was developed by the experts at the MAKE+ for anyone wishing to make a face shield.

MAKE+ has also applied their unique skills and methodology and compiled a Guide to Making Face Masks.

Nancy Paris was part of a multidisciplinary team of experts providing Recommendations for the Strategic Response to the Global Ventilator Shortage.

3D Printed Custom Orthotics

Wiivv Wearables, a BC-based company, partnered with BCIT Make+ Project Leader Silvia Raschke for a very unique custom-made 3D sandal. Each sandal is a unique foot orthotic constructed from pictures scanned on your smartphone that are then 3D printed and delivered straight to the consumer.


LIFE360 Innovations Medical Device

Life360 Innovations Inc. partnered with MAKE+ to innovate and research a device to treat male urinary incontinence. After more than eight years of extensive research, including a five-year, multi-site Canadian clinical study, Life360 finally received Health Canada approval for its Contino® urethral insert, a licensed, self-administered medical device that controls bladder leakage in men.


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