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The Institute Research Committee (IRC) brings together research faculty and managers from across BCIT to identify common and emerging areas of research expertise and interest. This committee cultivates interdisciplinary research themes where faculty and students from across the institute work together on research programs and projects.

The Institute Research Committee is also the decision making body for the Institute Research Funds projects, and research projects or initiatives that require resources to be allocated at the Institute Level.

Institute Research Committee guidelines  [PDF]


Aaron Hunter Chair, School of Computing & Academic Studies Research Committee (604) 432-8325
Andrea Frisque Dean, School of Energy (604) 432-8542
Bruce Thompson Chair, School of Transportation Research Committee (604) 451-6818
David Holloway Member, School of Computing & Academic Studies Research Committee (604) 456-8199
Dean Hildebrand Dean, School of Computing & Academic Studies (604) 451-7027
Eric Saczuk Chair, School of Construction & the Environment Research Committee (604) 451-7197 Local 3333
Guido Wimmers Dean, School of Construction & the Environment (604) 432-8501
Janice Baldry Director, Educational Support Services (604) 451-7048
Jennifer Figner Provost and VP, Academic (604) 451-6758
Joe Boyd Research Liaison, ARLO
Chair, Service & Support Research Committee
(604) 456-1031
Kenton Low Dean, School of Business + Media (604) 432-8218
Kim Dotto Dean, Applied Research
Chair, Institute Research Committee
(604) 451-6941
Lisa Chu Dean, School of Health Sciences (604) 432-8778
Mehrzad Tabatabaian Chair, School of Energy Research Committee (604) 456-1104
Shan Satoglu Chair, School of Health Sciences Research Committee (604) 453-4080
Shannon Kelly Faculty, Communications
FSA Representative
(604) 451- 7065
Stefan Joseph Program Head, Applied Research Liaison Office (ARLO) (604) 456-1030
Steve Perry Dean, School of Transportation (604)451-7130