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Fueling Change:
Education for a Zero Emissions Future

BCIT Centre for Applied Research and Innovation (CARI) received $300,000 in funding through Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN)’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative (ZEVAI) to help raise awareness about EV in underrepresented communities. BCIT’s project, “Fueling Change – Education for a Zero Emissions Future” will enable BCIT researchers, faculty, and partners to identify barriers to EV adoption among underrepresented communities including persons with disabilities, Indigenous persons, and youth, and collaborate on strategies to address barriers to EV adoption, particularly in rural and remote areas of Canada.

The Fueling Change project is led by BCIT’s SMART department, in collaboration with the MAKE+ department, the School of Transportation, the Applied Research Liaison Office, Indigenous Initiatives, the Educational Grants Office, and with support from BCIT’s Learning and Teaching Centre. The project is also supported by Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery (C2R2) and Quick Train Canada, Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA), and FLO.

The “Fueling Change” project aims to build awareness, educate, and demonstrate the positive attributes of passenger EVs – in an effort to support Canadians in making the switch to zero-emission vehicles (ZEV). The project will achieve this through delivery of three components, or project phases:

  1. The Consultation Phase: Consultation includes online survey and an in-person focus group. The data from these community consultations will be collated and analysed to provide input and inform the development of four (4) free online courses.
  2. The Design and Develop Phase: Learning material in the form of 4 BCIT badged, online courses will be developed. Course will be informed in part by feedback from the community consultations, as well as by lived experience from BCIT researchers, faculty, and industry experts.  The courses will be offered free to all Canadians.
  3. The Engage and Disseminate Phase: Community Learning Events will be scheduled over the duration of the project. The events will provide a way for the project to disseminate information about the online course offerings, as well as a way to collect additional feedback from community members to update the courses and learning experiences.

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For more information about BCIT’s EV Awareness initiatives, please contact:
Joey Dabell M. Ed. B. Tech.
Project Leader
Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team, BCIT