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Applied research provides innovative solutions to real world challenges of business and industry, helping them increase their competitive strength and productivity. Our researchers use a collaborative and technology-based approach to problem solving that provides accelerated solutions that benefit society today. Drawing on faculty from more than 200 technical programs within six BCIT schools, the full-time research staff of our Applied Research groups MAKE+, SMART and NRG, we can assemble project teams with multi-disciplinary skills and expertise. If you would like to know more about applied research activities across BCIT, please check out the new Applied Research at a Glance.

As one of Canada’s premier polytechnic institutes, BCIT is keeping abreast of trends to ensure that our students and partners can rely on innovative training and state-of-the-art resources so that they can confidently meet the challenge. Trends such as Digital transformation—the integration of digital technology into all aspects of business, the environment, and society—is leading to new ways of doing things, be it Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), personal health technology, climate change and the green economy, globalization of data and services, or others.  Our Centre for Internet of Things will keep BCIT at the forefront of this emerging technology and digital transformation with advanced hands-on education and training, industry collaboration, and research.

Student research is a key component of applied research at BCIT. While we may refer to it in a variety of terms—experiential learning, Work-Integrated Learning (WIL), capstone, directed studies, or Industry-Sponsored Student Projects (ISSP)—applied research gives students the opportunity to work on real life problems. Students use their knowledge and skills to collaborate with BCIT researchers, faculty, and industry partners, contributing their own innovative ideas and knowledge to the projects.

If you have a potential project in mind please contact BCIT’s Applied Research Liaison Office.

Dr. Kim Dotto
Dean, Applied Research &
Centre for Applied Research and Innovation

2021–25 Applied Research Strategic Plan

Our excellence in applied research, applied problem-solving, and applied education is well known. The 2021-25 Applied Research Strategic Plan reaffirms BCIT’s commitment to applied research and ensures that it is aligned with the BCIT Strategic and Education Plans. Our Institute-wide commitments—being a people-focused organization, future-proofing applied education, and making globally relevant connections—provide direction for the future of research at BCIT.

Research will play an essential role in BCIT remaining relevant to emerging industry and educational needs. This plan leads the way forward for applied research at BCIT through the following commitments.

Our Commitments:

  1. Investing in people
  2. Research and Education
  3. Graduate studies
  4. Research centres and infrastructure
  5. New opportunities

EXPLORE THE APPLIED RESEARCH STRATEGIC PLAN to learn more about how we plan to get there