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Photo of kim dotto, applied research dean.

Applied research provides innovative solutions to real world challenges of business and industry, helping them increase their competitive strength and productivity. Our researchers use a collaborative and technology-based approach to problem solving that provides accelerated solutions that benefit society today. Drawing on faculty from more than 200 technical programs within six BCIT schools, the full-time research staff of our Applied Research groups MAKE+, SMART and NRG, we can assemble project teams with multi-disciplinary skills and expertise.

Student research is also key component to Applied Research at BCIT. BCIT creates practical learning opportunities for students, engaging them in real-world research projects through practicum placements, capstone projects, student challenges and as student researchers. Students use their knowledge and skills to collaborate with BCIT researchers, faculty, and industry partners, contributing their own innovative ideas and knowledge to the projects.

If you have a potential project in mind please contact BCIT’s Applied Research Liaison Office.

Dr. Kim Dotto
Dean, Applied Research &
Centre for Applied Research and Innovation