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Education & Training

BCIT’s Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team offers Flexible Learning via courses and workshops on fundamentals of Substation Automation Systems, Smart Microgrids, EV Charging Infrastructure, Clean Energy Power Plants and Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity. These offerings are tailored to meet the latest developments to help professionals from industry as well as academia.

Fueling Change: Education for a Zero Emissions Future

Each of the courses in the Fueling Change program are BCIT badged courses.  Courses may be taken in any order. MOOC – 0390 – Purchasing and Driving an Electric Vehicle is recommended to be taken before other courses in the Fueling Change program as foundational knowledge about EVs is provided in this course that is assumed in the other courses.

Contact Us

Interested in getting more info or being notified about future offerings of BCIT SMART Courses, Workshops and Training Sessions?

Please contact:
Dr. Vidya Vankayala
Director SMART