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Helping build socially just cities in balance with nature

Centre for Ecocities

The world’s first Centre for Ecocities supports the evolution of ecocities worldwide. Led by Dr. Jennie Moore, a leader in the advancement of sustainable cities and lifestyles, it supports research and provide the tools, metrics, expert planning and policy advice, training and other services that cities and their partners need to become genuine ecocities.


Software tools to help cities and residents reduce their ecological and carbon footprints.

ecoCity Footprint Tool & Lighter Footprint App

Featured Story

The Cost of Wildfire Season

Dr. Jennie Moore, Director of Institute Sustainability was asked on local radio what individuals can do in response to BC’s most destructive wildfire season on record. Specifically what can we can do in our communities to make them more ecologically sustainable?

Jennie started by stating that “First and foremost, in order for us to be ecologically sustainable, we have to operate all our human activities – including our global economy – within the ecological parameters that sustain all life.”

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The establishment of the Centre for Ecocities is made possible with funding from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia (REFBC). REFBC is a philanthropic organization that works to support resilient, healthy communities and natural environments.

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