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Helps individuals pinpoint the best strategies to reduce their personal carbon and ecological footprints

Lighter Footprint App

The Centre will soon launch the Lighter Footprint App (App), which is informed by city-based data as it links with the municipal results from the ecoCity Footprint Tool. The goal is to enable cities and citizens to work together to achieve living within Earth’s carrying capacity, also known as one-planet living.

Image of the Lighter Footprint App on a cellular phone screen held in a hand.

How does it work?

  • Complete a fun, ten minute quiz that helps set your baseline ecological footprint, and clarify what matters to you.
  • The app then suggests tailored, personal tips that benefit you, and the planet.
  • Checking in at regular intervals, the app tracks your progress and celebrates your successes.
  • With the app’s group features, give kudos to your colleagues or classmates when they make green choices (coming soon!)

Lighter Footprint App website