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To Accelerate the Transformation to Sustainable Cities and Lifestyles

Training and Credentials

The Centre will develop and deliver international educational programs in collaboration with post-secondary institutions around the world to accelerate the transformation to sustainable cities and lifestyles. Through the educational credential students will have the opportunity to study and apply their learning for the benefit of a community in at least one country where they study. The Ecocity academic program will be multi-disciplinary and delivered in partnership with other academic institutions around the world to provide the expertise required to support all International Ecocity Standards knowledge areas.

Student candidates will include those working in or seeking employment in local government or business as sustainability planners, managers, analysts, or policy advisors, as well as consultants and business sustainability professionals.

The Centre will offer advisory services to local government and the business sector. These services will include urban metabolism and life cycle assessments, consumption-based and community greenhouse gas emissions inventories, ecological footprint analysis and strategy development to achieve climate and ecological stability through sustainable consumption and production (also known as one-planet living).

Climate Changemakers Youth Leadership Training

Organized in partnership with UN-Habitat and the UN Environment Programme to provide training for youth to become climate change leaders in Canada and internationally. Participants learned how to leverage their impact as sustainability and climate leaders through whatever career path they choose.

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