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Independent contractor and affiliate accounts are for individuals who are not employees but have an ongoing relationship with BCIT and require access to institute computing systems and services.

Independent contractor accounts must be sponsored and requested by a BCIT employee with appropriate business justification and approval. These accounts can be provisioned for up to one year and must be renewed. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring school or department to notify IT Services when the account or access is no longer required and should be de-provisioned.

Make a request

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Independent contractors and affiliates



Some automated account creation systems, such as the IDM system, are available 24/7. Account-creation support staff are available during our business core hours: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

This service may be unavailable during select scheduled maintenance windows.



Contact the IT Service Desk.


Getting started

Are you a new independant contractor or affiliate? Get in touch with your BCIT sponsor to have your account provisioned.

BCIT sponsors will need to obtain a contractor ID number from the Safety, Security and Emergency Management department before submitting a request for a new account.


There are no additional costs associated with this service.

IT policies

Acceptable Use and Information Security policies apply to all BCIT information and computing.