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User Experience (UX)

Collaborate with a User Experience (UX) designer to improve the performance
of your digital products.

We can help you:

  • run a workshop to clarify new product or service ideas
  • create intuitive interfaces
  • develop user-friendly application flows, site structures and navigation
  • evaluate the usability of an existing product or ensure a new interface or product is as intuitive as possible
  • understand your users’ needs and/or test key tasks/aspects of your digital products to ensure they meet your goals and your users’ needs
  • learn more about UX, and understand our services, by reading our User Experience (UX) Guide.

Make a request

  • Request consultation
    Tell us about your workshop, project, challenge or idea. We’ll have a short consultation to present different options for how we can help you.
  • Request a usability audit
    Run a health check/evaluation of your digital product against accepted usability standards and principles.
  • Request a new user interface (UI) design
    We can help with anything from single-page layout to complete site/application design, including structure and navigation.
  • Request user research & testing
    We can help you understand business and/or user needs for new digital products or conduct testing to improve the performance of existing ones.

Designed for

Anyone at BCIT who is implementing a new site, application or product and would like help understanding the people who are going to use it, or help with any aspect of the structure and design.

Anyone with an existing digital product ( section/site, digital service or application), who would like to understand how it can be improved.


Project support staff are available during our business core hours: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Small projects usually have a two to three-week turnaround. Larger projects will be scheduled according to scope, existing resourcing and priorities.

Workshops are scheduled via the consultation request.



Contact the IT Service Desk.

Getting started

Learn more about UX, and the ways we can help you, by reading our User Experience (UX) Guide.

Get UX help as early as possible in your new project, or when you first decide you’d like to improve an existing product.

In your request, tell us a little about your project, challenge or idea. If applicable, what are your business goals? What are you trying to improve? Who are you trying to improve it for?


Consultations are free to BCIT departments. Projects may require additional costs.

IT policies

Acceptable Use and Information Security policies apply to all BCIT information and computing.