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IT Services manages a fleet of computers for employees across their entire lifecycle from initial procurement to disposal. This equipment is used to facilitate BCIT business and teaching.

This service includes informed decision making about procuring appropriate technology in consultation with stakeholders and industry partners.


  • Evaluation and selection of suitable computer technology for BCIT
  • Reduced costs through volume purchases of standardised devices
  • Procurement advice and support for custom orders
  • Installation, deployment, and ongoing support of new devices
  • Coordination of warranty and hardware support
  • Inventory and asset management of fleet managed computers
  • Standard software offering on fleet managed computers
  • Ongoing maintenance and updating of operating system and software
  • Basic configuration services
  • Planned replacement and renewal of end-user devices

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Business Core Hours: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday



Contact the IT Service Desk.

Getting started

Are you a new employee? In most cases, your department has already planned to have a computer assigned to you. In some cases, a new computer may need to be ordered by your department.

Do you have a unique computing requirement? IT Services will work with your department to assist with the selection of suitable technology. Funding of devices purchased outside of the fleet program is the responsibility of individual departments. You will need to contact Corporate Services to initiate the procurement process.

Manufacturer lead times for new computer purchases varies from 6 to 20 weeks, depending on supply chain constraints.


Departments have a base allocation of computers funded through the centralised fleet. Departments that are growing and require additional computers or specialised computers will be responsible for funding those purchases. The cost of this equipment varies based on device requirements.

IT policies

Acceptable Use and Information Security policies apply to all BCIT information and computing.