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IT Services provides dedicated analogue phone lines for sending and receiving faxes.


  • Send and receive legally binding documents that require physical signatures
  • All faxed documents are time-stamped and dated
  • Secure transmission of sensitive and confidential information
  • Resistant against interception, manipulation and hacking


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Designed for

Schools, departments and employees



24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year

This service may be unavailable during select scheduled maintenance windows.



Contact the IT Service Desk.

Getting started

Need the security of sending and receiving secure documents? Request a consultation for a new fax solution.

This analogue fax service is a legacy service that will be maintained while investigating replacement technologies such as online faxing services – a more secure and cost-effective technology.


There are no additional costs associated with this service.

IT policies

Acceptable Use and Information Security policies apply to all BCIT information and computing.