Research Centres

Building Science Centre of Excellence (BSCE)

Research activities in the BSCE are centred on themes related to the performance of a building as a whole, including the building envelope and its durability and energy performance, and healthy indoor environment. Facilities include a Hygrothermal Property Measurement Laboratory, Building Envelope Test Facility, Water Penetration Test Chamber, Environmental Chamber, and Whole Building Performance Research Laboratory (WBPRL). 
Location: NE1
Contact: Fitsum Tariku

Centre for Applied Research and Innovation (CARI)

The Centre for Applied Research and Innovation (CARI) is the home of BCIT's three dedicated research groups: MAKE+, NRG and SMART, supporting labs. Formerly known as the Technology Centre, it has been a hub of multi-disciplinary research and development projects for business and industry for 25 years. Research activities at CARI focus on product and process development and evaluation; Smart Microgrid research; and product quality and process improvement relating to natural health and food products. CARI is also home to ARLO, which supports faculty, researchers, students across BCIT and their industry partners.
Location: 4355 Mathissi Place (CARI building)

Centre for Architectural Ecology (CAE) - Collaborations in Living Walls and Green Roofs

The BCIT Centre for Architectural Ecology - Collaborations in Green Roofs and Living Walls is evaluating the function and performance of green roofs and living walls in the rainforest climate of coastal B.C.,through collaborations with industry, government and academic partners. Facilities include the BCIT Green Roof Research Facility in Vancouver, White Rock Operations Centre, and Elevated Research Platform and Sound Transmission Facility at BCIT Burnaby.
Location: NE3
Contact: Maureen Connelly

Centre for Cyber Security

The BCIT Centre for Cyber Security is an interdisciplinary centre for research and education. Our primary goal is to advance the state of practice in areas related to information security and computer crime. Towards this end, we support BCIT's educational offerings in Computer Security and Forensics. We also conduct both theoretical and applied research in a variety of areas including, but not limited to, the following: Cryptographic protocol verification, Privacy and Trust, Criminal Intelligence Analysis, Network Security, Sensor Networks, Ethics and Policy.
Contact: Aaron Hunter

Centre for Energy Systems Applications

The BCIT Centre for Energy Systems Applications (CESA) will conduct applied research to transfer emerging technology in an integrated system approach and will consider conservation techniques, renewable (photovoltaics, micro-hydro, biomass, etc.), alternative and emerging energy systems (hydrogen, geoexchange, etc.) as they relate to integrated building design and construction, waste management, climate change, and overall global energy sustainability. Applied research at CESA will focus on applications to the built and natural environments, standards and best practices, efficiencies and conservation.
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Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering and Technology that Enables (CREATE)

CREATE is a partnership between the Neil Squire Foundation and BCIT. The Centre is a unique research facility in BC devoted to applied research and development activities related to devices, technologies and products for persons with disabilities and those recovering from injury or illness.
Location: CARI
Contact: Silvia Raschke
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Centre of Excellence in Analytics

The BCIT Centre of Excellence in Analytics (CEA) is a joint initiative between the School of Business and the School of Computing and Academic Studies to promote the field of analytics through education, applied research, industry projects, commercialization, and industry collaboration. One of the primary goals of the Centre is to bring together the analytics community for collaboration, idea generation, and sharing best practices to support and grow the sector in BC.
Contact: Ron McMillan
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Diversity Circles

Diversity Circles proposes an Indigenous model for post-secondary teachers and academic staff to utilize professional mentoring and community outreach for engaging student and community diversity. A series of panels, workshops, conversations, tools, and connections to support an effective model to engage with increasing diversity positively, sensitively, and strategically, by leveraging the power of community based expertise to drive responses to diversity and empower all participants in the diversity conversation.
Location: BCIT 
Contact: Shannon Kelly
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Emission Reduction and Research Test Hub (ERRTH)

The Emission Reduction and Research Test Hub (ERRTH) is an applied research facility located at the BCIT Motive Power Centre of Excellence on Annacis Island, in Delta, BC.Together with industry partners and all levels of government, ERRTH creates a cleaner environment by effectively measuring vehicle emissions, testing proposed solutions, and improving air quality. ERRTH supports new product development from proof of concept through design, testing and commercialization, and by offering objective data to governments on engine emissions.
Location: Annacis Island 
Contact: Steve Perry
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Integrated Molecular Biology Lab (IMBL)

IMBL enables applied research focused on innovation in life sciences. Projects range from assisting early-stage life sciences projects, to conducting assay development and genomic analyses, as well as consulting on research projects.
Location: SW9
Contact: Joan Shellard
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Rehabilitation Engineering Design Lab

The REDLab is the central hub for Dr. Jaimie Borisoff's Canada Research Chair in "Rehabilitation Engineering Design". The REDLab works with a diverse, inter-disciplinary network of researchers (e.g. Rehabilitation Engineering, Occupational Therapy, Mechanical Engineering, Human Kinetics, and others), as well as industry and community partners. The research program focuses on studying and developing technologies that positively impact a person's ability to interact with the built and natural environments, and/or promote health and community participation for those with disabilities. This research entails 1) studying the issues, barriers, and gaps faced by people with spinal cord injury and other mobility impairments; and 2) developing new technologies to help mitigate these issues.
Location: CARI
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Rivers Institute

The Rivers Institute will build on the BCIT vision of being integral to the economic, social and environmental prosperity of British Columbia by uniting the public in an effort to protect the world's rivers; increasing public awareness about the importance of our waterways; conducting state-of-the-art river-related research; and providing financial support to students.
Location: SW1-2044
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SITE Centre of Excellence

The BCIT SITE Centre of Excellence undertakes prior learning related research and assessment activities which result in advanced placement education options for mature students, first responders, military members and tradespeople. The Centre's mission is to facilitate the recognition and transferability of education across a wide range of disciplines to produce multi-disciplinary trained/skilled graduates who are valued by industry, and recognize and measure non-traditional training and workplace experience, thereby facilitating advanced placement and credits.
Location: SE16
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Spartan Controls Centre for Energy Education and Research

The Spartan Controls Centre for Energy Education and Research is the School of Energy's boiler, co-generation and industrial instrumentation facility, drawing together students, faculty and operations personnel in a cross-disciplinary learning and research environment focused on energy production, distribution, sustainability and management. It includes a multi-fuel boiler and a 220 kW electrical generator which is tied in to BCIT's Smart Microgrid.
Location: SE8
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Technology Place

Technology Place is a Discovery Parks Investments Ltd. building on the BCIT Burnaby campus. It has office and laboratory space that can be customized for a wide range of wet lab, dry lab, office and technology tenants. Tenant companies are mainly in life sciences sectors, but also include software, hardware, cleantech, digital media, and air quality and allergen testing. Through the Applied Research Liaison Office (ARLO), Technology Place tenants have the opportunity to connect with BCIT faculty and student researchers, equipment and lab facilities from more than 200 technical programs, and access campus facilities such as the library and fitness centre. The incubation of many small and medium-sized companies in one building creates synergy and an optimum environment for research and development.

Discovery Parks also runs a startup technology incubator called The Generator. The Generator is 5,000 sq ft of incubator office space available to high tech startup companies on a competitive basis. An initiative developed between Discovery Parks and the City of Vancouver in 2011, early-stage technology companies apply to win 12 months of free work space. With access to mentors and programming provided by BC TECH and LifeSciences BC, the companies also have support available to thrive and grow.

Contact: Laura Cassin
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