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Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration Full-time/Part-time


Delivery mode: ONLINE

  • This program will be delivered online during COVID-19.
  • Your education is our priority and we will continue to deliver the applied instruction, collaborative experience, and industry connections that you expect from BCIT.
  • Learn more about how this program is adapting learning during COVID-19.

The BCIT Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree provides students the opportunity to enhance the skills developed in their diploma programs. Students broaden their knowledge in the BBA with courses that focus on critical and strategic thinking skills. This is achieved through a group of core of upper level business and general education courses.

With the business world constantly changing and becoming more complex, the BBA creates well rounded graduates who are able to look at an organization’s problems through different perspectives. Increase your opportunities of advancement in your current organization with the skills learned in the program.

About the program

  • Complete the degree full time within 8 to 12 months
  • Part-time completed course-by-course
  • Designed to build directly on the diplomas offered by the School of Business
  • Must have a BCIT credential and meet entrance requirements

Who should apply for the Bachelor of Business Administration?

  • BCIT School of Business diploma* graduates
  • Students who want to enhance their skills
  • Those interested in critical and strategic thinking
  • Want richer career paths
  • Plan to attain a graduate degree in the future

* For the list of eligible diploma, bridging programs, and entrance requirements please visit the Entrance Requirements page.

What grads can do?

Our BBA grads have many options when they finish school. They may start pursue a variety of career options, attend grad school or even work abroad.

To learn more about these opportunities for graduates please visit our Graduating and Jobs Page.

International exchange

The BBA offers a number of international exchange opportunities that helps students gain a global perspective of the economy, culture, government, and everyday life of the country they study in. Learn more about international exchange opportunities and international double degrees with internships.

Specializations and joint programs

Students interested in specializing in particular fields may be able to apply certain courses and programs towards the elective component of the BBA. In all cases, specializations and joint programs are subject to the BBA’s residency and course requirements. Students considering this option must receive prior approval from the BBA program. For current offerings, see the Program Details page

Accredited program

This program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Entrance Requirements

The BBA is a degree program for students who are planning to complete, or have completed, specific BCIT diplomas, and who wish to further their education.

Successful candidates must meet the program’s minimum entrance requirements, and should apply to the BCIT BBA program after completing or when nearing completion of one of the BCIT School of Business diploma programs below.

Costs & Supplies

Bring your own device

Students are required to have their own laptop. Please refer to the Bring Your Own Device Specifications [PDF] for requirements.

Laptop costs vary depending on the configuration chosen, but will likely range from approximately $1,000 to $2,000.


Please note that starting January 2019, OPMT7750 Data Modelling and Business Intelligence will replace OPMT7740 Integrated MIS. Students that have already taken OPMT7740 should NOT take OPMT7750, as OPMT7740 meets the BBA core requirements.

Full-time option

As a full-time student, you’ll be immersed in a highly structured and demanding environment for the duration of the program. All full-time courses are scheduled at the Burnaby campus. The full-time program begins in September and ends in either April or August, depending on the number of general education electives any student needs to complete.

Full-time format

Fall Term
(Sep – Dec)
Winter Term
(Jan – Apr)
Summer Term
(May – Aug)
  • 4 Business courses (Required)
  • 1 or more General Education courses (Elective)
  • 4 Business courses (Required)
  • 1 or more General Education courses (Elective)
Complete General Education Electives (If Necessary)

You’ll be working toward completion of your BBA degree through lectures, hands-on labs, and integrated e-learning, working independently and in teams, building knowledge through presentations and research.

You’ll be one of 50 students accepted into the program. Like yourself, everyone will have completed a BCIT business diploma program, and many will have work experience. Students come from many disciplines and fields of study, leading to a rich, dynamic, and varied learning environment.

Your schedule will be busy, with 15 in-class hours per week, plus homework. In the computer labs, you’ll have your own computer workstation to complete all assignments. You’ll have regular, usually weekly, class assignments to complete for most courses, so it’s important to manage your time well and perform consistently throughout the school year.

Part-time option

Once accepted into the BBA part-time program, you’ll register and complete classes on a course-by-course basis. This option usually allows students to complete the program in 18-36 months while working.  Course information and availability is listed below.

Program Details

The first two years or lower levels of the Bachelor of Business Administration is a minimum of 110 credits taken over two 9-month academic years, September to May. The upper levels (third and fourth year) are completed either full time or part-time. The full time option has an 8-month academic year, September to April. The part-time option is offered continuously over three equal terms starting in September, January or May.

The BBA program follows the “two by two” model. This is where the first two years of the degree are fulfilled by one of the school of business full time diploma programs. Students must first apply and be accepted into a diploma program. Upon completion of the diploma, students then apply to complete the BBA program.

Specializations and joint programs

BBA & Sustainable Business Leadership joint program

Students in the BBA who are interested in socially and environmentally responsible business practices have the opportunity to work towards an Advanced Diploma in Sustainable Business Leadership while meeting their BBA elective requirements. Sustainable Business courses in this program can be applied as General Education electives in all five BBA elective categories.

The full BBA program matrix

The following illustrates the complete program matrix for a student who completes the BBA degree program. Note that course numbers may vary depending on which field a student chooses to specialize. Questions regarding equivalencies should be directed to the BBA Program Administrator.

Lower levels (years 1 and 2)

BSYS 1000 Computer Applications 1 3.0 Credits
BSYS 2650 Computer Applications 2 2.0 Credits
BSYS 2660 Computer Applications 3 2.0 Credits
BUSA 2100 Principles of Management 2.0 Credits
COMM 1100 Business Communication 1 3.0 Credits
COMM 2200 Business Communication 2 4.0 Credits
ECON 2100 Microeconomics 3.0 Credits
FMGT 1100 Accounting 1 4.0 Credits
FMGT 2100 Accounting 2 5.5 Credits
HRMG 3100 Intro Human Resource Mgmt 2.5 Credits
MKTG 1102 Essentials of Marketing 3.0 Credits
OPMT 1100 Intro to Operations Management 2.5 Credits
OPMT 1110 Business Mathematics 4.0 Credits
OPMT 1130 Business Statistics 5.5 Credits
OPMT 1170 Project Management 2.5 Credits
ORGB 1100 Organizational Behaviour 3.0 Credits
55.5 Credits

Year two field specialization

  1. Business Law
  2. Finance
  3. And field specialty courses from:
  • Business Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance & Accounting
  • General Insurance and Risk Management
  • International Business Management
  • International Business Management – Global Supply Chain
  • Marketing, Tourism, Real Estate, Sales
  • Business Operations Management and Logistics
  • Business Information Technology Management

Normally, completion of years one and two are satisfied by completion of one of the business diploma programs at BCIT. Students who have completed two years in a non-business program OR have taken the first two years of business at another institute will be required to complete a 9-month bridging program, one of:

  1. Business Management (advanced placement)
  2. Human Resource Management (advanced placement)
  3. Sustainable Business Leadership (advanced certificate)

BBA program (years 3 and 4)

BUSA 7800 Management Strategy 4.0 Credits
ECON 7570 Financial Markets, Banking, and the Macro-Economy 4.0 Credits
OPMT 7701 Calculus for Management 4.0 Credits
OPMT 7750 Data Modelling and Business Intelligence 4.0 Credits
BUSA 7200 Business, Society, and Ethics 4.0 Credits
ECON 8500 Managerial Economics 5.0 Credits
OPMT 8751 Decision Analysis 4.0 Credits
ORGB 8600 Implementing Strategic Change 4.0 Credits
33.0 Credits
SSCI EDUC Social Science/Humanities 6.0 Credits
UNSP EDUC Unspecified General Education 9.0 Credits
NSCI EDUC Natural Science 3.0 Credits
ENGL EDUC English Literature/Composition 3.0 Credits
ASCI EDUC Arts or Science 6.0 Credits
27.0 Credits

Students must complete 27 credits of electives that satisfy the BBA degree program breadth requirements. A complete list of eligible courses offered at BCIT can be found under the “Courses” section of this website and on the “General Education Guidelines” document.

Graduating & Jobs

BBA graduates represent the program in many different industries, working in small companies and large corporations, including some of the top employers in British Columbia. The following BBA job bank consists of some the companies where our alumni work in BC and abroad.

BBA job bank

  • BCAA – British Columbia Automobile Association
  • BCIT – British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • B.C. Sash & Door Co.Ltd.
  • BMO Investments Inc.
  • Canaccord Capital
  • C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
  • Coca-Cola Bottling Company
  • Dynamic Architectural Windows & Doors
  • FIDO
  • HSBC Bank Canada
  • Ipsos Canada
  • MC Freight Systems
  • MD Management
  • Leavitt Machinery
  • Purolator Courier Ltd.
  • Ricoh
  • Shelley Morris Business Services
  • Sunrise Soya Foods
  • Sutton Group
  • The Artona Group Inc.
  • Uniserve Communications Corporation
  • United Way of Lower Mainland
  • Vancouver Parks & Recreation
  • Vancity Credit Union
  • Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Vancouver School Board
  • Visiphor Corporation

The BCIT BBA graduates are exceptional, and it shows. The following schools recognize BCIT for:

MBA programs

University of New Brunswick (MOU)
Wilfrid Laurier

Masters of Digital Media

Centre for Digital Media

Law schools

University of Ottawa
University of Washington

Graduate programs

Masters of Economics (SFU)
Masters of Education Technology (UBC)
Masters of International Studies (University of Michigan)

BCIT students are also eligible for Masters programs at any of our partner universities through the Student Exchange Program.


“The BCIT BBA gave me the necessary skills I needed to begin and excel in my career. I was employed immediately upon graduation and after a few years of working as a program lead/analyst, I was accepted into the Master of Public Policy program at SFU. I find myself leaning on best practices, such as teamwork, communication, and time management, all gained from my experience in the BBA program.”
Amber Butterworth, Project Lead / Program Analyst

Learning during COVID-19

Online learning

This program will be delivered online during COVID-19. Learn wherever you choose, as there’s no requirement to attend campus or classes in-person during COVID-19.
While the online classroom looks different, the quality of instruction and the commitment of our faculty and staff remains as strong as ever. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your learning experience is meaningful and productive.

Your schedule

You will be expected to attend online classes and complete group work between the hours of 8:30am – 5:30pm PST, Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays.

Technology requirements

Students are required to have their own laptop. Please refer to the Bring Your Own Device Specifications [PDF] for requirements.

Laptop costs vary depending on the configuration chosen, but will likely range from approximately $1,000 to $2,000.

Safety on campus

As this program is being delivered online during COVID-19, there’s no requirement for you to come to campus. Please see below for information on accessing instructor support and on the student services offered virtually.

Services and support

Instructors will continue to be available to students remotely, including five dedicated office hours per week.
Our Student Services staff continue to offer advice, care, and support as needed to optimize your learning experience. Many services, including Student Health Services, Counselling and Student Development, and Peer Tutoring are offering phone or virtual appointments to BCIT students.

Frequently Asked Questions

The application process for BCIT diploma students

General arts and science requirements

General questions

The application process for BCIT diploma students

When should I apply to the BBA program?

The full-time admission process is competitive, so for your best chances for acceptance into the limited full-time option seats, apply as soon as possible after November 15 (in term 4 of your BCIT diploma program) to begin the next September.

Full-time and part-time applications are treated separately. Part-time applications are accepted year-round, and accepted students may take the next available course. See our Entrance Requirements page for the details and criteria.

Applicants who meet the minimum requirements are ranked. Acceptance or conditional acceptance is based on the ranking and available seats.


I am currently a BCIT Diploma student in the School of Business, but I haven’t graduated yet. Can I still apply?

You may apply in the fourth term of your diploma, based on your grades in the first three terms and be conditionally accepted until fourth term grades are calculated.


I have a BCIT Diploma but not from a Business Program. Can I get my BBA degree?

Applicants with a diploma from outside of BCIT School of Business can apply based upon the regular entrance requirements after completing the Business Management diploma program (9 months), the Human Resource Management diploma program (9 months).


I have a BCIT Business Diploma, but I only want to do the BBA part-time. Are the rules different?

The minimum admission standard is the same whether part-time or full-time, however, there is no limit on the number of part-time students admitted each term.


I just finished my Diploma program. Can I get a FEE deferral?

Yes, contact financial aide and identify yourself as a BBA student.


General arts and science requirements

How many credits of general education do I have to complete in order to get my BBA degree?

In order to earn your BBA degree, you have to complete 27.0 general education credits.


Can I transfer general education courses completed outside of BCIT towards my BBA degree? What is the process?

Yes, you can transfer general education courses from the different post-secondary institutions towards your BBA degree if they meet BBA general education requirements. Each course has to be a lower or upper-level university 3-credit course in the following subject areas:

  • 3.0 credits English Literature or Composition
  • 6.0 credits Social Science or Humanities
  • 3.0 credits Natural Science
  • 6.0 credits of Arts or Science
  • 9.0 credits unspecified credits

Once you complete the general education courses, you have to send the official transcript to BCIT Admissions, at 3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5G 3H2


Can I take general education courses at another institution?

Yes, as long as they meet the requirements listed on the general education information page. It is best to discuss any potential courses with the program head or an advisor in the Registrar’s Office. In general, an acceptable transfer course must be a university-level course (first year or higher). If taken at a college, it must be transferable to any of the universities in the province.


General questions

If I am not a BBA student at BCIT, can I still register for a BBA course?

Yes, you can register for part-time BBA courses once you’ve completed required prerequisites and received department approval. Please contact the degree programs administrator at 604-412-7486 to obtain the approval.


What is the difference between the BBA and the Advanced Studies in Business (ASTB) programs?

The BBA is a BCIT business degree that allows BCIT diploma students to further their education and receive a degree conferred by BCIT.

The ASTB is an advanced certificate offered in partnership with Thompson Rivers University (formerly Cariboo College), which confers the TRU-OL degree. It is made up of eight advanced part-time business courses that fulfill the business component of the TRU degree completion program. Currently these courses are the same as the eight core business courses required by the BCIT BBA program.

As of September 2005, BCIT BBA program students do not qualify for the ASTB certificate. Application to the BBA is separate from application to the ASTB.


How long it will take me to complete my BBA Program?

The maximum time to complete the program is seven years but please view the Program Details page for specific information on part-time (2 years for completion) and full-time program (1 year or three terms for completion) lengths.


BBA Executive Pathway

The Executive Path for the BCIT Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program allows working professionals advanced placement into the program through recognition of workplace experience and education. Individuals who do not meet the traditional entrance requirements have an alternative path to complete their degree part-time. Students broaden their knowledge in the BBA program, which focuses on critical and strategic thinking skills.


Several years of experience in management or administration, combined with some formal education (post-secondary education or industry training). The program offers specific bridging path opportunities for individuals who are:

  • First Responders (fire, police, paramedics)
  • Canadian Forces Veterans or Reservists
  • Mature Student with a combination of 7 or more years experience in management or administration and some formal education
  • Red Seal or Journeyman Certificate plus 5+ years experience as a site supervisor, project or construction manager, or a self-employed contractor

The BCIT model: fast, flexible and effective

The BBA Program provides the flexibility to complete this degree on a part-time basis, concurrent with employment. Program completion under the part-time option is usually within two or three years. The courses are offered year round, in three equal terms (Fall, Winter, Spring) as well as online and distributed learning (combining in-class and online)

Step 1: eligibility assessment

Your eligibility for advanced placement is determined upon assessment of your work experience and/or post-secondary education.

Learn more about the assessment process and start your assessment.

Step 2: complete bridging courses

Once you are qualified for advanced placement, you will be given a set of foundation courses to complete in the following fields of study*:

  • Management
  • Economics
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Quantitative Analysis

*Specific course requirements will vary based on individual assessment.

Step 3: degree completion

Upon completion of the Bridging Path, you are ready to apply to the BBA Program, register, and complete classes on a course-by-course basis.

Advanced Placement & Prior Learning (APPL)

The BBA Executive Pathway program is part of BCIT’s Human Capital Initiative which bridges the gap between workplace experience and post-secondary education in British Columbia. In this respect, the program supports the Institute’s provincial mandate to build economic capacity within the Province.

The BCIT SITE Centre of Excellence undertakes prior learning related research and assessment activities which result in advanced placement education options for British Columbians.
The Centre’ mission is to:

  1. Facilitate the recognition and transferability of education across a wide range of disciplines, the objective being to produce multi-disciplinary trained/skilled graduates who are valued by industry.
  2. Recognize and measure non-traditional training and workplace experience, thereby facilitating advanced placement and credits within the post-secondary education system in British Columbia.

Canada-BC job grant

Businesses can receive up to $10,000 to offset the cost of employee training. Learn more about the Canada-BC Job Grant.

Contact Us

Thomas Turniawan
Program Administrator, Bachelor of Business Administration
604-432-8609 |

Steve Yallouz
Program Head, Bachelor of Business Administration
604-432-8382 |

General Inquiries:

Contact a Program Advisor with the BCIT program name in the subject line if you have a question about:

  • Program selection and program planning
  • Applying for transfer credit and advanced placement
  • Job placement and graduate outcomes
  • Student life

Questions or comments?


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