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“Helping us on our journey to becoming a more sustainable company, the BCIT Students in the Sustainable Business Consulting Project built a business case for transitioning to Electric Vehicles, with an in-depth analysis of all the associated costs, benefits, and how best to proceed to ensure the highest likelihood of a successful transition. We are very grateful for their efforts and the program as a whole, and will be signing up to do this again!”

– Sydney Wanchulak, Impact + Sustainability Manager, NorLand Limited

The BCIT Sustainable Business Leadership program has a long-standing reputation for producing graduates with job-ready skills to drive sustainable change across industries and sectors. The Sustainable Business Consulting Project provides students with real-life experience by working on sustainable business projects directly with clients in the private, public, and non-profit sectors on a sustainable business challenge their organization is facing. Projects are managed and completed by student project teams under the guidance of their faculty advisor.

Submit your project. Projects submitted before November 15 will be considered for our January start.

What’s in it for Project Sponsors?

  • Low-risk approach to your sustainability project
  • Possibility of viable solutions by skilled and driven students
  • Meet and try out emerging sustainability talent

What skillset can you expect?

  • Identifying and promoting sustainability principles in business strategy and operations.
  • Selecting and applying sustainable business models and best practices that ensure social equity, respect planetary boundaries, and enable economic viability.
  • Advocating for social and environmental governance principles in business policies and procedures.
  • Designing sustainable business processes and measuring their effectiveness.
  • Forming and managing multidisciplinary teams to implement sustainable business practices.
  • Choosing and executing communication strategies appropriate to audience, purpose, and context to advocate for sustainability.
  • Taking a systems approach to solving sustainability challenges.
Sept – Nov Project proposals submitted to BCIT (Deadline: November 15)
December Faculty and students review and select projects
Jan – Mar Students, Faculty Advisor, and client agree to project details and project begins
Mar – Jun Students complete research, analyze data, write their final report, and prepare their presentation
June Students deliver oral presentation and written report to sponsor

Project Requirements and Client Commitments

Sustainable Business Consulting Projects propose equitable and sustainable solutions to business challenges and include a combination of the following key elements to align with course learning objectives (past project examples):

  1. Primary research: potentially including stakeholder surveys, key informant or expert interviews, focus groups.
  2. Secondary research: potentially including literature review, regulation or policy review, landscape scan, gap analysis.
  3. Technical analysis: drawing on established methodologies such as a pre-feasibility or SWOT analysis and/or sustainability frameworks like B-Corp, Science-Based Targets, and GRI Standards.
  4. Communication: drawing on a range of tools to effectively share the findings with the client and project stakeholders.

Should this project be selected, the client commits to being available at least twice a month during the six-month project term (January to June) to work with the students and provide information, feedback, and guidance.

At the end of the project, the client has the option to contribute to the BCIT Foundation to support our students. One hundred percent of these funds go directly to BCIT Sustainable Business Leadership students (e.g. as awards or support for professional development). The typical voluntary contribution is $500, though other amounts are welcomed. A charitable tax receipt will be provided. Note that the ability to donate does not influence project selection; projects are selected based on how well they match our students’ skillsets and project requirements.

Project submission

To get started, please fill out the Sustainable Business Consulting Project [PDF] form and email it to If you have any questions about the program or about submitting your form, please contact us at

Contact information

If you have any additional questions about the BCIT Sustainable Business Consulting Project or the program as a whole, please contact:

Alan Shapiro
Sustainable Business Consulting Project Coordinator

“Working with the BCIT students was a great experience. They spearheaded an innovative market research on low embodied emissions building materials with extraordinary precision, creativity, and professionalism, which was no small task given the complexity of the topic.”

– Elisabeth Baudinaud, Senior Community Energy Manager, Community Energy Association

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