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This pathway is perfect for any student who wants to manage their own business or take on a managerial role in their field.

Program overview for SELC College – BCIT pathway

SELC College Logo BCIT logo BCIT logo
Year One: SELC College
Year Two: BCIT Year Three: BCIT

Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist 500

Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist 510

BCIT Advanced Diploma in Business Management (One Year) BCIT Bachelor of Business Administration (One Year)

What is the SELC College-BCIT pathway?

SELC College and British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) have partnered to create the ISELC College-BCIT Pathway: a cross-institutional agreement enabling SELC College graduates entry into BCIT’s School of Business. If you complete the entire pathway you will have the opportunity to earn a BCIT Business Management Advanced Diploma and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – the perfect complement to your creative education.

Who qualifies for the SELC College-BCIT pathway?

SELC College students and alumni who have graduated from the programs listed below within the last five years.

Eligible SELC College programs:

Enter the workforce

After completing either an SELC College diploma or BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma, you are ready to enter the workforce. Please note: international students are eligible to apply for a post-graduate work permit upon completion of BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma.

We invite you to explore the website and get in touch with us to discuss your pathway. You are closer than you think to earning a business credential!