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BCIT pathway

Cornerstone International Community College of Canada

This pathway is perfect for anyone who wants to run their own business or pursue managerial roles as they develop their career.

Program overview for Cornerstone – BCIT pathway

Cornerstone International Community College of Canada LogoYear 1: Cornerstone College BCIT logoYear 2: BCIT BCIT logoYear 3: BCIT

1 – 2 years full time

8 months full time 1 year full time

Digital Marketing Specialist

Hospitality Management

International Business Management

Advanced Diploma in Business Management Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

Year 1: Cornerstone College

Since 1980, Cornerstone International Community College of Canada has been dedicated to delivering accredited co-op Diploma Programs and English as a Second Language training. Our mission is to actively engage students in high-quality academic studies and practical work experiences, all within a multicultural environment that places a strong emphasis on individual success.

Programs offered at Cornerstone College include: Advanced UI/UX Design, Digital Marketing Specialist, Hospitality Management, Customer Relations Specialist, International Business Management, Advanced Digital Marketing, UI/UX Design Specialist, Network and System Solutions, Web Development, English Language Courses, and Data Science.

The following Cornerstone programs offer a pathway into BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma:

Digital Marketing Specialist

The Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op Diploma at Cornerstone comprehensively covers all aspects of online digital marketing, including Google web analytics, WordPress development, SEO, online marketing strategies, social media marketing, and online displays, all underpinned by search engine business approaches.

Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management co-op Diploma program at Cornerstone College immerses students in the most relevant aspects of the tourism and hospitality industry, equipping them for supervisory and management positions within this dynamic field. Students in this program learn hotel and restaurant operations, international marketing for hospitality management, food preparation and service, front and back-office operations, and more.

International Business Management

Cornerstone’s International Business Management co-op Diploma program is designed to empower students with the entrepreneurial skills needed to meet the demands of today’s market. This program hones essential skills for effective business relations and cultivates the confidence to communicate information clearly and concisely in professional environments.

Year 2: BCIT

Advanced Diploma in Business Management

After completing a Cornerstone College program, you are ready to expand your knowledge and cultivate business management skills in BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma.

Year 3: BCIT

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (optional)

After completing a BCIT Business Diploma you have the option to enroll in BCIT’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The degree emphasizes critical and strategic thinking and provides students the opportunity to be better prepared for career advancement by enhancing the skills developed in their diploma programs at BCIT and Cornerstone College.

Enter the workforce

After completing either a Cornerstone College program or a BCIT Business Diploma, you are ready to enter the workforce.

We invite you to explore the BCIT Student Association’s Career Services and Job Board. Also, get in touch with us to discuss your pathway. The free job board – eJOBS is also designed for BCIT students and recent graduates. You are closer than you think to earning a business credential!