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Are you BCIT faculty or staff?

If you are BCIT faculty or staff, there are many international opportunities to guest lecture, teach for a semester, or engage in PD activities focused on international education to not only benefit your career, but also the people around you. Discover the mobility and professional development opportunities.

Faculty and staff mobility adds a valuable dimension to BCIT’s high quality applied academic programs. The School of Business has partnerships with a number of international universities, thus providing BCIT faculty with opportunities to guest lecture, teach for a semester, or engage in PD activities focused on international education. At the same time, the School of Business internationalizes academic curriculum by inviting international instructors to deliver guest lectures or teach for a semester at BCIT. International faculty diversify our teaching team, bring different teaching methods to our classrooms, and help us to prepare open minded business professionals for a local and global job market.

Activities connected to faculty and staff mobility are organized as part of our international partnership agreements. The placement and duration of School of Business faculty and staff must be determined in agreement with the host university from the list of international partners. Adequate notice must be given prior to the start of the visit, which must coincide with the period in which teaching activities are due to take place. If you are interested in participating in a faculty or staff exchange with one of our international partners contact Mark Nakamura, International Programs Coordinator.

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Faculty & staff testimonials

Waterscape of Bremen, Germany - boats and old buildings.
“For those who may not know, I am currently on a three month exchange in Bremen, Germany. I am teaching in the Master’s program for business and economics at Hochschule Bremen, also known as the University of Applied Sciences, Bremen. There are several Hochschules in Germany and Austria, primarily located in the larger cities of Berlin, Bremen, and Hamburg. These schools most likely compare to BCIT. They are a nice combination of academic studies combined with a focus on the economy. While BCIT probably has closer linkages between programs and the job market, the faculty research at the Hochschule is very industry focused with a strong influence on public policy. In Bremen, their specialty is in transportation and alternative energy, particularly air transportation. Bremen is also one of the major ports for Germany on the North Sea, so water and land transportation systems also receive a great deal of attention. From a BCIT perspective, my experience demonstrates the importance of developing faculty exchange further, especially with institutes that share common missions and mandates, such as the Hochschules in northern Europe. I have come to embrace the experience and am very glad I am here.

Kevin Wainwright, Program Head,
Faculty Exchange in Bremen, Germany
group of smiling faculty posing for a picture.
“The School of Business has been very supportive of my professional development as faculty involved in international education. I’ve had the opportunity to meet faculty from Germany, Ukraine, the Netherlands and now India over the past few years. Those opportunities have directly led to the development of new programs and new opportunities for students and other faculty. The expansion of the abilities of faculty to teach about international business, and not just local business practices, means our students are better prepared for their careers, and opens the world for everyone.”
Ron Kessler, Program Head for Business Management Studies