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The BCIT Business Management program helped me much more than I thought. When I was studying, I didn’t think I would use most of it and when I went into the real world and started my job I actually used a little bit of everything. What I learned at BCIT was extremely helpful to understand a little bit more about the finances of my business and also everything that we did at BCIT was really hands-on, which helps me right now to do business plans and everything else that I need for my company Mindfoods. I would say when I was studying, I didn’t think that it was important and when you are in business, you have to do things that you don’t like, but knowing and having this base skill set from BCIT was very, very helpful for me.

I would say that I was very nervous every time that I had to present in front of the class and I remember one day that I got sick just because I had to present that day. After the presentation everyone came to me and said that I did a really good job and at that moment, I realized that even though you go and do something even when you are really afraid, you tend to get really good outcomes from it. Even though it was freaking me out and I was really nervous about it, I did it anyway and I realized that that was really important for my job and my life for the future and I learned that I had to deal with it.

I did a bachelor degree back in Brazil and the difference between my bachelor program and BCIT was that it was really hands-on and everything was applicable in the real world. What I love about BCIT is that I learned a little bit of everything and that is exactly what you need to have a business. You need to know a little bit of everything.

I had a bachelor degree in Brazil and when I was looking for a school here in Canada, I went to different schools and I wanted something that would be different from anything else. When I was reading about BCIT, I was a little bit afraid to come here because I was coming to a different country and different language and I saw online that one person was saying “That was the worst two years of my life, but it was worth it”. So, after I saw that, I knew that it wouldn’t be easy, but that would help me a lot in the future. So, the difference between BCIT and the other schools is that it’s not only theory, you actually learn to do what the industry is asking.

The faculty at BCIT actually helped me much more than what I would expect, what I had in mind at a school is basically you pay, you go there, you study, and leave. BCIT helped me since the beginning, not only when I was there studying, but having awards. When I received my award, I was like “I’m receiving money to study?”. I was studying really hard, but I wasn’t expecting something like that.

My friends that I made at BCIT are basically my family. So, the first day at school we actually had International Students Day and that’s where I met my friends, who are right now my family here in Canada. So, all of the Brazilians, they got together, they met each other, and now we have a really tight group and one of these people is actually Miria who became my business partner. Miria and I are close friends now and we spend Christmas together and do everything like a family and she is an amazing person who has an entrepreneurial spirit and when she came with the idea, I knew that I was choosing the right person because she is really hard working and she is really talented. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with her for sure.

When I came to Canada I visited a few universities and colleges to choose which one I would study at. I chose BCIT basically because it’s the best and I wanted the best. To come to Canada, to understand the culture here, and how businesses work. If I was doing this really big change in my life, I wanted to know that I was choosing the right one. I knew the reputation at BCIT was the best and also that the faculty would support me with everything that I needed. Everyone that comes to Canada and asks me “What should they do?”, I always tell them that they need to go to BCIT. It’s not the easiest one, but it’s definitely the best one and will help you get a good job at the end.

Mariana Business Management Diploma Grad

About Mariana’s life after BCIT

I start my day by going to the gym and after that I start working at my Program Manager job and then at 4pm or 5pm, I start to work at my company Mindfoods. I love a lot of things about my job. For my Program Manager job, I like that I’m helping other people to achieve their leadership skills and improve themselves. For my Mindfoods business, I love that I help people to have a healthier lifestyle and a healthier breakfast.