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Are you considering our International Exchange program either as an incoming or outgoing student? To help you with your decision making, we asked former exchange students to share their experiences, tips, and photos with us. Below you will find experiences from international exchange students who have visited BCIT and BCIT students who have gone to our partner institutions.

Previous incoming students

woman sitting on a rock with a mountain view of a valley in background.Scarlett from Germany
“It has been one of the best and most memorable experiences of my life.”
man with short hair outside by a lakeRoman B. from Switzerland
“I recommend having a rough plan of activities or journeys you aspire to experience during your stay in advance.”
head shot of a woman smiling with hair tied back.Nadine M. from the Netherlands
“You will have a great time in Vancouver, it was the best time of my life!”
young man smiling head shotFrancesco B. from Italy
“Vancouver is a magical city surrounded by amazing nature and full of attractions”
man with black hair and sunglasses holding up one arm.Hyunsok L. from South Korea
“If you want to fulfill your dream, just do it and have a great time in BCIT!”
person with blond hair in a pony tail back view.Dagmar B. from the Netherlands
“When I look back over the last couple of months of studying abroad, I have no regrets and I would never take it back.”

Previous Outgoing Students

woman adjusting her sunglasses smiling.Viktoriia R. – Venice, Italy
“Try to make friends with other students as soon as possible so you can explore the city together.”
smiling woman by a sailing steering wheel.Elizabeth N. – Venice, Italy
“I definitely suggest the summer field school for people who are looking for a relatively short-term abroad educational experience.”
woman smiling with sunglasses at a beach.Megan L. – Vienna, Austria
“I’d recommend anyone to go on exchange if you are wanting a new experience and get out of your comfort zone.”
woman with long dark hair with blue highlights.Haleema T. – Austria & Italy Field School
“It gives you a little taste of independence and traveling abroad short-term all while getting six course credits towards your degree.”
Asian woman smiling with long black hair on the street.Rikka C. – Austria & Italy Field School
“The field school was an amazing way to learn not just areas of studies different than my major, but also learn things about myself that I didn’t know before.”
woman smiling with long brown hair at a market.Pooja B. – Austria & Italy Field School
“The field school program is a great condensed experience that shows you a side of business that you don’t get to see normally.”