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BCIT Graphic Communications students in their final term of study in their first and second years are available to work five days a week in your organization for a two or six week period. The students have completed the majority of their classroom requirements and have job ready skills to make an impact within your organization and are eager to sink their teeth into real work.

The job placement program provides students with exposure to the industry and gives them some work experience in the field of their study. At the same time, you receive a recently trained student to work on projects and complete various tasks within your organization. It is a perfect way to try out a potential new entry-level employee with no risk. A win/win for both parties.

Create Job Dockets Estimating Jobs
Pre-flight Files in PrePress Operate Printing Presses
Bindery Print Media Strategies
Graphic Design and Typography Post Production
Dec – Feb Job placement applications submitted to BCIT
Feb Students apply to job placements
Mar Job placements are finalized
Apr Students start their job placement
May Job placement ends

How does the job placement process work?

Create and submit a one or two page Word document containing the following:

  • Brief description of your organization
  • Job description outlining the student’s responsibilities
  • The organization’s name, address, and website
  • Contact name, phone number, and email address

Remember, students will be applying based on the information that you provide. Companies that provide a detailed and interesting description of the position, the company, and the industry tend to attract more applicants and have a higher chance of landing a student. Securing a student is not guaranteed.

BCIT Graphic Communications job placement requirements

  • Provide meaningful tasks to keep the student busy
  • Have sufficient work to last five days a week for two or six weeks
  • Students work business hours that are typical of your organization

Contact information

If you have any additional questions about the BCIT Graphic Communications job placement program or to submit your application, please contact:

Masih Ferdosian
Program Head, Graphic Communications
Digital Arts Department
Tel: 604-451-6959