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What we offer

BCIT Corporate Training offers a variety of training opportunities. We offer tailored workshops based on your business needs ranging from 90‐minute lunch sessions to 1 or 2 day immersive. Our workshops are delivered using a theory, practice, implement model, which is what our clients recognize as the value of BCIT Corporate Training.

We use the People‐Purpose‐Productivity Model to determine how training can support your organization in overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities. Potential is realized through people productively pursuing the organization’s purpose. When presented with a clear and uniting purpose, factors that drive productivity such as engagement, innovation, and creativity are leveraged by employees in service of individual, team and organizational goal.

Our interactive workshops are led by expert facilitators and can be delivered in‐person in your organization, at a BCIT campus or virtually. Contact us to discuss your organization’s training and employee development needs.