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The BCIT School of Business Global Relations Office is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with partner universities. We also facilitate student and faculty exchanges with the assistance of the BCIT International Student Office.

Global Relations Office contact

Mark Chiarello
Associate Director, Global Relations
604-451-6714 |
Office location: SE6-222

Mark Nakamura
International Programs Coordinator
604-412-7486 |
Office location: SE6-210

Eva Wong
International Programs Advisor
604-412-7409 |
Office location: SE6-210
Drop-off hours:
Wed 13:00-18:30 in DTC 452 office
Thurs 13:00-18:30 in BBY SE6 210 office

Nele Tinck
Student Mobility Coordinator
604-412-7774 |
Office location: SE6-210

Simonetta Mezzomo
Program Assistant
604-432-8298 |
Office location: SE6-210