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Scholarships and student aid are available for students going on exchange, doing the double degree program, or participating in a summer field school.



  • Ernst Mach Grant: Monthly grant of EUR 1,150 for exchange and double degree students. Application deadline is February 1.


  • Erasmus Grant: Grant of EUR 4,250 of individual support and EUR 820 for travel costs with guaranteed student housing.  Estimated housing cost of EUR 500 to EUR 600 per month (max. 5 months).


  • German SP Scholarships: Scholarship of EUR 1000 for exchange students at Munich University of Applied Sciences. Application deadline is February 15 for the Fall term and October 1 for the Winter term.
  • HTW Scholarship: Scholarship of EUR 1500 for exchange students at HTW Berlin. Application deadline is October 15 for the Fall term and April 15 for the Winter/Spring term.



The Netherlands

  • Erasmus Grant (KA171): The student grant consists of EUR 850 per month individual support and a one-time travel grant of EUR 820. Students may also apply for a top-up of EUR 250 per month additional to the KA171 grant and travel amount.

Accepting applications

There is still time to apply for our Summer Field School, Exchange and Double Degree programs until February 1, 2024.