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This pathway is perfect for anyone who wants to run their own business or pursue managerial roles as they develop their career.

Program overview for Focus – BCIT pathway

Focus College LogoYear 1: Focus College BCIT logoYear 2: BCIT BCIT logoYear 3: BCIT

1 – 2 years full time

8 months full time 1 year full time

Hospitality and Tourism

Software Development

Advanced Diploma in Business Management Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

Year 1: Focus College

Focus College, with campuses throughout British Columbia in Kelowna, Surrey, Abbotsford, and Vancouver, is pleased to have students from their Software Development and Hospitality and Tourism programs be able to continue their higher learning pursuits at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

With operations started in 1992, Focus College has been a steady, long-term provider of quality post-secondary education in British Columbia for decades. Workplace training was their focus at the outset, but under new leadership in 2012 a shift to long term career focused certificate and diploma programs in Business, Information Technology and Hospitality and Tourism became their mainstay.

Students use the skills and knowledge they gain in these certificate and diploma programs to confidently enter the work force or can now choose to further their learning by following a partnership pathway such as the one now in place with BCIT.

The following Focus programs offer a pathway into BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma:

Advanced Certificate in Software Development

The Advanced Certificate in Software Development (ACSD) program provides practical skills and theoretical knowledge employers need. This is a very practical and intensive program that requires significant energy from the students as they work with their instructors. The ACSD program is project-based, which allows students to use the theoretical knowledge gained in the program in a contemporary project uniquely assigned to each cohort.
Students graduating from the ACSD program must complete and pass the theory courses but are also required to successfully complete their project and then test and defend their project to a panel of industry professionals. Computer experts are needed in many different industries from biotechnology to telecommunications and transport. The ACSD will give learners the practical skills and theoretical knowledge that they need as they move into higher education and employment.

Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism

The Hospitality and Tourism program provides students with the theoretical knowledge to work in this dynamic and vibrant industry. The course includes the study of retail travel practices, tour guiding, marketing, economics, customer care, and communication.

The programs develop skills and knowledge in a range of technical skills such as itinerary preparation, fare calculations, documentation completion, and user skills in computer reservation systems as well as generic skills in business, information processing, management, problem-solving, information and communication technology areas and interpersonal skills.

Year 2: BCIT

Advanced Diploma in Business Management

After completing a Focus College program, you are ready to expand your knowledge and cultivate business management skills in BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma.

Year 3: BCIT

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (optional)

After completing a BCIT Business Diploma you have the option to enroll in BCIT’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The degree emphasizes critical and strategic thinking and provides students the opportunity to be better prepared for career advancement by enhancing the skills developed in their diploma programs at BCIT and Focus College.

Enter the workforce

After completing either a Focus College program or a BCIT Business Diploma, you are ready to enter the workforce.

We invite you to explore the BCIT Student Association’s Career Services and Job Board. Also, get in touch with us to discuss your pathway. The free job board – eJOBS is also designed for BCIT students and recent graduates. You are closer than you think to earning a business credential!