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This pathway is perfect for anyone who wants to run their own business or pursue managerial roles as they develop their career.

Program overview for Stenberg – BCIT pathway

logo for Stenberg College with mountain and sun in a crestYear 1: Stenberg College BCIT logoYear 2: BCIT BCIT logoYear 3: BCIT

1 – 2 years full time

8 months full time 1 year full time

Business Diploma – Marketing Specialization

Licensed Optician Diploma

Early Childhood Educators Basic Certificate

Post-Basic Infant Toddler and Special Needs Early Childhood Education

Counselling Therapist Diploma

Advanced Diploma in Business Management Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

Year 1: Stenberg College

Stenberg College is a private college specializing in and excelling at exceptional career-focused programs for over 25 years. Stenberg offers programs in business, education, health care technology and administration, nursing, and mental health and wellness. This pathway is perfect for any student who wants to manage their own business or take on a managerial role in their field.

After completing BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma, international students may apply for a post-graduate work permit. International students looking to obtain a study permit or work permit should contact Canadian Immigration & Citizenship.
The following Stenberg programs offer a pathway into BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma:

Business Program Business Diploma – Marketing Specialization

This Business Diploma – Marketing Specialization program provides practical skills and knowledge to apply in various careers in business and management. Students will develop a strong foundation in business communication (written and verbal), business math, sales and marketing. Additionally, students will learn about various specializations within the field of marketing, such as Digital Marketing, Event Management, Advertising, Public Relations and Budgeting and Analytics. The program will strengthen interpersonal skills to help students integrate seamlessly in a diverse workplace.

Licensed Optician Diploma

Stenberg College’s Licensed Optician program prepares students to become successful eye care professionals. In this program, students learn to design, craft and fit eye wear including eyeglasses, contact lenses and other specialized products. Through theory and lab courses, students gain a comprehensive education in the areas of eyeglass dispensing, contact lens fitting and automated refraction. Emphasis is placed on interpersonal communication, customer service and professional practice. This program prepares students to successfully complete the national licensing exam conducted by National Association of Canadian Optician Regulators (NACOR).

Early Childhood Education Basic Certificate

Early Childhood Educators provide care and education to children from birth to school age. They plan, organize and lead activities for preschool children to encourage their intellectual, physical, emotional, social, linguistic and cultural growth. This career is perfect for people who love children and want to give them the best possible outcomes for growth and development.

Stenberg’s Early Childhood Education program is located in a childcare centre, giving students the opportunity for hands-on, practical learning. The program is taught from the Reggio Emilia approach, which acknowledges evidence proving children learn best through play.

Early Childhood Education Post-Basic Diploma

Stenberg College offers the Post-Basic Infant Toddler and Special Needs Early Childhood Education Program to those who have already completed an Early Childhood Education Basic (Certificate) program. The Post-Basic Diploma prepares graduates to support infants, toddlers and children with specialized needs. Graduates are also prepared to handle a wider range of administrative and supervisory responsibilities, creating opportunity for career advancement and a wage increase.

Counselling Therapist Diploma

The Counselling Therapist program is built on a foundation of evidence-based, reflective, and ethical practice. Students develop an understanding of the biological, psychological, and social underpinnings of everyday human problems and mental health issues, as well as frameworks to change them. Under the guidance of expert counsellor instructors and practicum supervisors, students apply and deepen their learning throughout the program with in-class role plays and weekly integrated practicum hours with real clients.

Year 2: BCIT

Advanced Diploma in Business Management

After completing a Stenberg College program, you are ready to expand your knowledge and cultivate business management skills in BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma.

Year 3: BCIT

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (optional)

After completing a BCIT Business Diploma you have the option to enroll in BCIT’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The degree emphasizes critical and strategic thinking and provides students the opportunity to be better prepared for career advancement by enhancing the skills developed in their diploma programs at BCIT and Stenberg College.

Enter the workforce

After completing either a Stenberg College program or a BCIT Business Diploma, you are ready to enter the workforce.

We invite you to explore the BCIT Student Association’s Career Services and Job Board. Also, get in touch with us to discuss your pathway. The free job board – eJOBS is also designed to BCIT students and recent graduates. You are closer than you think to earning a business credential!