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At BCIT Corporate Training, we believe in enabling your organization to reveal the value of employees working collectively in pursuit of your organizations purpose. By providing training grounded in practical industry knowledge, we enable your organization to take meaningful steps towards strategic priorities and organizational goals.

BCIT Corporate Training offers Corporate Workshops using the People–Purpose–Productivity model to reveal opportunities for training. For over two decades, BCIT Corporate Training has been working with businesses, municipalities and organizations to realize the true potential of their human capital. We have learned that moving the dial on productivity relies on a synergistic connection between your people and your purpose.

Benefits of BCIT Corporate Training:

  • Hands‐on; applied learning focused on theory, practice and implementation (3X30 Model)
  • Taught by industry and education experts
  • Tailored to identify and address your unique opportunities and challenges
  • Recognized with a Statement of Completion, badges or microcredentials
  • Executive Field School excursions to offer applied learning, rich interactive site visits and learn alongside other industry leaders striving for organizational success.


She teaches in a manner that I completely relate to and is open and honest with her feedback. The environment she creates is safe, transparent, and comfortable yet she regularly challenges us to grow and reach for more.”

North Shore Consortium
Executive Field School – Copenhagen Hygge Tour

The BCIT Executive Field School in Denmark will enable participants to reveal the productivity potential of their organizations through immersion in the Danish cultural tradition of hygge. Solve your employee engagement and productivity challenges. Join organization leaders on a learning excursion to define “well being” for your organization, employees and stakeholders.

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