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What is a BCIT business consulting project?

A BCIT Business Consulting Project is a 10-16 week major project completed by a team of 2-3 business students in the final term of their two-year program. The student team acts as consultants for your organization to solve a business problem or challenge. The students will collect, analyze, and evaluate data, develop recommendations, and complete an implementation plan for your organization. Your organization will receive a comprehensive written report and be invited to an oral presentation outlining the students’ findings and recommendations.

How is a business consulting project different than a co-op or internship?

Business Consulting Project students take on the role of business consultants and provide valuable feedback and research for your management team. A Business Consulting Project provides your organization with a tangible plan of action based on research, as opposed to a student mentorship program. Generally, the students need minimal direction or supervision to complete the project, as a BCIT faculty advisor meets with the student team on a week basis to keep the project on track and provide guidance.

Is there a cost for a business consulting project?

Paying students or faculty members a wage or stipend for the work completed is not permitted in this educational program. Your organization should cover the out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the students to complete the project, including the cost to produce copies of the final written report for both your organization and BCIT. Upon successful completion of the project, a corporate contribution of $500 or more to a BCIT scholarship fund would be appreciated. A tax receipt will be issued for any contribution.

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