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Do you want to experience a new culture and a different academic setting? As an exchange student you can spend one term at one of our partner institutes while earning credits towards your degree.

Am I eligible to go on exchange?

Only full-time and part-time Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Accounting and Global Business Studies students can go on exchange.

Where can I go?

The BCIT School of Business has 16 partner institutions in more than 10 countries. Check out the list of partner universities and see which institute best suits your academic and personal goals.

What classes can I take?

Our Asian partner universities follow BCIT’s credential system. Our European partner institutions work on a different credential systems called ECTS. One BCIT credit is worth approximately two ECTS credits. While on exchange, students need to complete 15.0 BCIT credits (30 ECTS) worth of classes.

BBA students will apply most of these classes to the BBA’s general education requirements. Only in some cases there will be opportunities to complete BBA core business courses.

Bachelor of Accounting students need to work with their program department to choose the most appropriate courses.

How much does it cost?

You will pay regular BCIT tuition during your semester on exchange. The cost of going on exchange mainly depends on where you decide to go. Vancouver has a very high cost of living, so many destinations will seem less expensive than what you’re used to. There are also several scholarships and awards available.

How to apply?

Submit the following information by the appropriate deadline:

Please respect the following application deadlines:

  • Fall Term (September to December): February 1
  • Winter/Spring Term (January to May): February 1

Eligible applicants will be contacted within 5 business days after the application deadline for a personal interview.

Please note we are still accepting applications for the 2021-2022 academic year.  However, some destinations and scholarships may no longer be available.

Find out what a great experience going on exchange can be from other BCIT Business students who have recently studied a term abroad.

Stay and work in Switzerland

After completing your studies, Canadian students (18-35 years old) can work in Switzerland for up to 18 months in a job associated with their studies. Learn more about this opportunity from the brochure [PDF] or website.