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BCIT Corporate and Industry Training has an extraordinary team of professional facilitators who bring the topics to life, using practical examples from your business.

Nikki Berreth
Adult Learning Specialist and Communications Consultant
Nikki is a professional science communicator with significant theatre and media training. She’s always looking for new ways to relay technical knowledge to her intended audience. Leveraging over a decade of communications experience, she helps scientists, researchers and industry professionals reach their full communication potential through improvisation workshops and hands-on learning activities. Her main area of interest is creating fun and interactive learning experiences for adults.

Fazal Bhimji
Conflict Resolution Consultant
Fazal understands conflict and the proven ways to guide organizations in order to reach resolutions. A mentor who knows the values of human connections for mediation and arbitration, he looks at caustic thinking and not just the symptoms. He is an evaluator who takes all information into account to facilitate tomorrow’s leaders to encourage confidence and empowerment to resolve workplace concerns. A problem solver with expertise in both the public and private sector, he is the people person who is skilled to impart knowledge about supervision, negotiation and labour relations.

Chris Butterworth
Freelance – Manufacturing Consultant Analytics, Process Trouble Shooter
Chris sees the world in processes that must always be improved to take products and services to the next level. He has many years of experience of gathering data and analytics to solve complex problems. A Six Sigma Master Black Belt familiar with Manufacturing methodologies, he develops programs to remedy industrial problems through fine tuning processes. Active in designing new approaches and experiments to gain insight into process behaviours, his certifications in Quality, Reliability and Organization Excellence will provide a foundation to advance the goals of organizations and implement an improved change.

Teresa Comey
Organizational Learning Specialist (Systems)
Teresa strives to underline the commonality in students in their organizations to initiate a more tolerant environment. She aims to create the best atmosphere for everyone and is appreciative of the opportunity to establish interpersonal understanding to make a difference in the everyday workplace. Driven and curious, Teresa develops programs that will lead an organization to success. Facilitating individual potential and witnessing a student have an awakening makes this her dream job. Teresa’s expertise includes facilitating, strategic planning, team development, interpersonal communication, conflict management and understanding organizational power and systems.

Olive Dempsey
Organizational Change and Leadership
Olive specializes in leadership development, strategic coaching, organizational change and process design. She has more than 15 years experience working as part of staff teams, and as a consultant, within nonprofit, labour, and public sector organizations, including the Lower Mainland Health Authorities and the City of Vancouver. Olive has an MA in Environmental Education and Communication, is a certified coach with the International Coaches Federation and the Coaches Training Institute, and holds a certificate in Authentic Leadership from Naropa University.

Caryl Dolinko
Communications Consultant
Caryl is an innovative leader in an emerging field of intercultural strategy. She wants to make a difference by providing a clear and solid strong voice through connected communications campaigns. A curious explorer making a difference in the world, she aspires to show an alternative viewpoint to students to provide a fulfilling and informed learning experience. Affecting change and offering businesses clarity about their messaging and goals, she assists and educates organizations through communication tactics in the areas of sales, marketing and public relations.

Geraldine Eliot
Communications Specialist
A published poet with an entrepreneurial spirit, Geraldine lives in two places in the world – Vancouver and Cape Town and goes by the mantra that we should work to live, not live to work. A skilled communicator, she knows it is not about the words, but about utilizing the words in a definitive way to convey an entire message. She revels in seeing breakthroughs, especially EAL students as it epitomizes that the human connection is the pillar of all communication as we learn, guide and grow. She concentrates on messaging, teaching business communications and technical writing.

Maureen Ewing
Learning Specialist/Coach
Creating new opportunities through problem solving and leadership training are among Maureen Ewing’s coaching strengths. She embraces diversity and pushes the boundaries to open up her students’ perspectives. For Maureen, developing skills, coaching breakthroughs and challenging assumptions allow for new insights to improve working relationships. She is a free spirit that wants to inspire learning and growth to tap into the endless possibilities that life has to offer. Her education in Leadership and Training will steer your Human Resources development through creative and engaging workshops to match organizational needs and performance metrics.

Lynn Frazer
Human Resource and Labour Relations
Lynn has over 20 years of experience in human resource and labour relations management across private, public and private-equity held organizations. As the head of the Human Resources group at, Lynn led the human resources strategy through periods of growth and downsizing. In her consulting practice Lynn provides employee and labour relations advice, strategic planning, and communication and performance management. Lynn holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from UBC, is a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator certified practitioner and is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CHRP).

Laurie Izgerean
Learning Specialist
Learning plays a central role in Laurie Izgerean’s life. A learning specialist with a communications focus, she thrives on crafting transformative and inspiring learning experiences for her students. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have found your dream job, ask Laurie: she’s there. She has a particular interest in reaching the “hard to reach” student and in helping students meet their goals. Passionately curious and caring, Laurie also has a personal interest in continuous learning and in finding new ways to inspire learning in others. Her areas of educational focus include all forms of business communications, including technical writing and consumer’s communications, presentation skills, and business correspondence.

Deanna Jones
Organizational Leadership and Change Specialist
Deanna is a difference maker who knows the journey in learning is endless. She flourishes at showcasing the best people can be to reach their potential for positive self-growth. Instilling a desire to learn and developing programs to uncover and build talent is what Deanna knows will aid and build future success. An enthusiastic collaborator, she examines organizations and develops programs for businesses in transition to achieve corporate performance. By strategically aligning goals, this begins the journey to be on the best possible path to continue adopting change.

Simon Lowe
Corporate Training and Industry Services
Simon is the President of WA-2! and the Principal of Simon Lowe Coaching where he works with CEOs and executives from leading Vancouver based brands in a variety of industries. Simon is extremely passionate about personal and business growth. He was previously a Vice President at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? leading the expansion into the Australian market and co-founded Lions Gate Marketing. Simon also serves as the Executive Chair for the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade’s Small Business Council.

Rhonda McDowell
Corporate Training and Industry Services
Rhonda has more than 15 years of advisory, facilitation, and mentoring experience gained in the UK, Ireland, and Canada. Her most recent Canadian experience was with the World Trade Centre where she worked with companies across BC to grow their international footprint in over 40 countries. Areas of expertise include goal setting, strategy and marketing for growth, launching into new markets, establishing trusted networks and partnerships, etiquette, and collaboration when doing business outside your home market or industry.

Colin McWhinnie
Corporate Training and Industry Services
Colin sees that the business world is rapidly changing and develops the confidence in students to stretch out of their comfort zones to foster growth. He equips organizations with the skills to take advantage of that change, rather than fear it, because it is the backbone of allowing dreams to build. Fortunate to work with entrepreneurs of all ages and passionate about providing the tools to start their own business, his areas of focus are Leadership and Management Best Practices.

Kathleen Wong
Human Resource Management
Kathleen is a senior level Human Resources Consultant with over 20 years professional experience in the financial services industry in management and advising roles. Her experience includes call centre training & operations, customer service, marketing, and multiple disciplines in Human Resources (organization design, compensation, change management, facilitation, Leadership, compensation & benefits and employee relations). Kathleen is passionate about teaching as well as enhancing her students’ learning experience by referring to relevant current events and how knowledge of the subject enables better understanding of the world we live in. Kathleen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, Certificate in Human Resources from SFU, and is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR).

She is amazing; I feel privileged to have been instructed by her. She’s so insightful and a lot of what she says in class I find it can be valuable not only to apply in work settings, but in life as well.”

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