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A BCIT Business Consulting Project provides Business Information Technology Management students the opportunity to work over a 10 week period with an organization to solve an information technology problem or challenge. Students work in a team of three or four to identify potential opportunities, conduct research, and recommend effective IT solutions. The end result for your organization is a comprehensive written report and an oral presentation outlining the student team’s recommendations to improve information technology effectiveness. The Business Information Technology Management program accepts approximately 8-10 project proposals per year.


Design Business Solutions Model and Develop Databases
Integrate ERP Software Build with NET, SQL, XML
Create Ecommerce Websites Cloud Computing & Applications
Sept – Nov Project proposals submitted to BCIT
January Student teams review and select projects
Feb – Mar Students, Faculty Advisor, and Sponsor agree to project details
Mar – May Students conduct research, write a report, and prepare their presentation
Mid – May Students deliver oral presentation and written report to sponsor

BCIT Business Consulting Project ideas

  • How can we implement an Ecommerce solution on our website?
  • How can we use a database to collect and protect customer information?
  • How can we use the Cloud to save money and time?
  • How can we electronically measure employee performance?
  • How can we effectively integrate ERP systems into our business?
  • How can we improve our current IT systems to run more effectively?

BCIT Business Consulting Project requirements

  • A clearly defined business or IT challenge or problem
  • Involve a market research component
  • Workspace and administrative services for 2-3 students
  • Available two days a week for student visits (Tues & Wed)
  • A $500 donation to the student scholarship fund (taxable benefit)

Contact information

If you have any additional questions about the BCIT Business Consulting Project program or if you would like to be contacted when the next project opportunity arises please contact:

Shauna Begley
Business Information Technology Management Program Head
Operations Management Department
Tel: 604-412-7460

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