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Indigenous & Intercultural Awareness Training

BCIT has partnered with the Lílw̓at7ul (Lil’wat) Nation in Mount Currie, BC and the Whistler Learning Centre to bring you a custom Indigenous & Intercultural Awareness Training program.

This educational workshop is led by expert facilitators and provides local employers and staff the background and tools needed to recruit, train, and retain local Indigenous community members.

Students are exposed to Indigenous history as well as the culture and traditions of the Lílw̓at7ul. Theories of intercultural competency and communication styles are explored as a way to develop cross cultural leadership tools intended to support a diverse and indigenized workplace. Students will apply the acquired knowledge via case studies, online discussions, reflective writing and a culminating project relevant to their business/organization.

The course is face-to-face and split into two parts over multiple sessions, however, participants are not required to complete both parts.

Course Details

Part 1 – XCUL 1101 Lílw̓at7ul Nation History, Traditions, Culture

  1. Creating a safe and inclusive space
  2. Histories of the Líl̓wat7ul
  3. Cultural practices of the Líl̓wat7ul

Part 2 – XCUL 1201 Indigenous & Intercultural Awareness at Work

  1. Cultural competency
  2. Cross-cultural leadership
  3. Practical workplace tools

The goals of the full program (part 1 and 2) are to:

  • Build long lasting sustainable relationships between communities
  • Develop meaningful employment for Indigenous people within the business community
  • Educate employers to make the workplace an environment where Indigenous people can thrive
  • Provide employers with tools to successfully find, hire, retain Indigenous staff
  • Develop a road map to successful hiring, communication, training, retention
  • Encourage collaboration to overcome barriers to employment, e.g. transportation
  • Develop a working community that represents the population
  • Enhance business culture
  • Celebrate culture and differences
  • Allow employees to learn respectful communication and understanding
  • Stop perpetuating bias and stereotypes

Contact us today to sign your team up for the Indigenous & Intercultural Awareness Training program.
Phone: 604-456-8018

BCIT’s has an exceptional team of professional facilitators with industry experience. Contact Sonia Dhaliwal to learn more about the available positions:

Current offerings reflect the Lil’wat Nation.  However, we are working with individual Indigenous communities to develop custom programs that reflect their unique communities.