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5 people holding a cloth world map.

BCIT Business + Media, Global Relations invites business students to participate in the Global Education Ambassador volunteer program. A completed application form [PDF] must be emailed to

– 10 volunteer hours
Goal – Provide business students with international and intercultural experience on campus
Recognition – Statement of Achievement

Advantages for volunteers

  • Gain invaluable international experience and intercultural competence, which will make your graduate portfolio stronger
  • Improve your communication and presentation skills
  • Learn about different business practices around the world
  • Earn the right to secure your nomination to the most popular study abroad destinations offered through BCIT Business International
  • Expand your network, make new friends, and have fun

Important Note

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, volunteers will participate in this program via virtual events and workshop until we fully return to campus.

Student testimonial

two people at a display booth with a world map behind them.

Being a Global Education Ambassador (GEA) has allowed me to learn a lot about different exchange programs and field schools that are available for BCIT students. As a passionate traveler, I was eager to get to know about all the existing opportunities for students at BCIT in terms of education abroad and to share it with the students on campus.

Throughout the year I would help the Global Relations department to promote and hold various events on campus like International Days and Sweet Exchange. This allowed me to make friends with students from different programs, and other international and exchange students.

Volunteering as a GEA, I was surprised by how many students never heard of different exchange programs and field schools that they could participate in. That’s why I felt that it was really important to increase the student’s awareness about education abroad and volunteering as a GEA was a perfect way to do so.

On the contrary to the majority of volunteering jobs where you’re only required to perform your task for a few hours, being a Global Education Ambassador meant to be that ambassador every day, not just when there is an event or workshop. I would get asked different questions about programs abroad while staying in the line in the cafeteria, studying at the library, or waiting at the bus stop. Meeting new people and being able to advise students or at least help them by referring to these who could answer their questions was what I liked the most about this program.

Viktoriia Rudyk
Global Education Ambassador (2018 – 2019)
Program: International Business Management