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The BCIT Global Trade and Transportation Management (formerly International Business Management) program provided courses that are relevant and opportunities to practice the skills that are fundamental for my current job. I liked that the program has Business Consulting Projects that work with local companies to come up with fresh ideas or solutions. This opportunity not only gives us hands-on experience, but also our input could potentially benefit the company over the long term. Win-win.

The stand-out moment I can remember was leading, planning, and executing a successful Industry Showcase event for students and industry professionals to network.

I think studying at BCIT has an advantage over universities because you will get practical education in smaller classes and instructors who have many years of direct hands-on experience in their industry. In addition, the cost of education at BCIT is more reasonable than compared to a university.

The faculty at BCIT are amazing!  All my instructors made time to support me whenever I needed their help with assignments or projects. My program head also supported me and my classmates by sending us any immediate job postings from companies looking for candidates.

I chose the BCIT School of Business + Media because I wanted to learn about the global trade industry and wanted a practical and relevant education. I also heard that BCIT has an excellent success rate for students seeking jobs in their chosen field after graduation. I am happy to say it’s true!

If you want great practical and relevant education that will lead to exciting and challenging jobs in your chosen field, look no further than BCIT!

Sierra Global Trade Transportation Management GradAbout Sierra’s job as a Senior Consultant

A typical day consists of meetings with coworkers to discuss clients’ issues and work on analysis. I love helping importers to solve complex customs issues. Each client has different challenges and it is exciting to learn from a broad range of industries. The best part of the job is that my colleagues are fun, smart, and professional.