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Global Peer Community

The Global Peer Community (GPC) is open to all BCIT students who want to make friends across campus through social activities, while sharing and learning about other cultures and building intercultural leadership skills.

What are the benefits of joining this program?

By participating in the GPC program, you are one step ahead in making lifelong friends from around the world. The program’s main pillars in social connection, cultural knowledge and intercultural leadership all work to create a fulfilling and impactful experience.

You will not only build enriching and meaningful friendships through our various social activities, but you’ll improve on your intercultural competencies. In addition, you will get a taste of some of the exciting global learning opportunities offered at BCIT.

Interested in joining the program? Please email



Students unable to attend in-person activities are guaranteed access to at least six virtual activities throughout the year.

How do I register? Is it free?

All current BCIT students can register for free online. 

Next steps after registration?

Once you register, you’re officially a member of the Global Peer Community. You will receive regular invitations to all the upcoming events and be on your way to enhancing your student life at BCIT.